Monday, August 21, 2006

pomes of buddy don: Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

"Daddy are we there yet?" the first son asked
As his father pulled into the garage,
His father just laughed saying, "No, we are tasked
To save the world from a mid-east barrage."

"But Dad, what about the wmd?
The ones that turned out to be a mirage?"
"Now son, you remember, we all could see
What we thought we saw before the barrage."

"But Dad, what about all the al qaeda links –
Could they have been 'facts' somebody massaged?"
"Son, that's a riddle you might ask the sphinx,
If there had been links, we'd have risked a barrage."
(The cost of the gas, a mere 80 billions
Was paid with a credit card owned by civilians.
Before the humvee could pull out as planned,
The wind came up and the air filled with sand.)
"Could this be a sand storm, Dad? We can't see!
If we try to drive, won't we lose our way?"
"Some call it a sand storm; I disagree,
We'll just stay the course, show pluck, not dismay."

So into the sandstorm the brave man did drive
"We might seem lost, Son, but aren't we alive?
We'll find an oasis soon, not a mirage,
Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the barrage."

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Anne Johnson said...

I don't rite much palatics in ma blog cuz you do sech a good job with it yerself. Tis heartenin to see Security Moms gettin sum sense, they cain't all be a-listenin to Dobson the way ma sister does.

When and if you git your bloggin problems figgered out, pleeze share your eddication with the rest uv us so's we don't wind up in the same fix.

Tennessee Jed said...

You watched George on TV today didn't you? I got the same feeling but I had no way to express it that well. Well done and well said Sir.