Thursday, August 31, 2006

pomes of buddy don: We Said We'd Get Osama

We Said We'd Get Osama

We said we'd get Osama, said we'd smoke him from his cave
We said we'd bring him in alive or dead!
For his evil deeds in sending thousands to their grave,
We put a giant bounty on his head.

At first we did pursue him, chased him in Afghanistan
In that we had the whole world on our side.
When we destroyed his bases and brought down the Taliban
It seemed that justice would not be denied.

But then we somehow lost our way, or maybe lost our will
When he slipped from our grip in Tora Bora
We needed better targets, our vengence to fulfill
What better than to stop Saddam's Gomorrah?

Therefore with shock and awe we chose to sow the desert wind
And reaped the bloody whirlwind, bloody whirlwind without end.

[update: jes so ye know, whenever i make one of these here pomes (or 'linkoems, as tennessee jed putts it), i caint do much to tease out the harder lines ere i half to git sos i kin catch the bus over to man hattan. but sumtimes a line bothers me such that i caint quit till i change it.

the last line above is a eggsample. i wudnt satisfide with whut i had: 'and reaped the bloody whirlwind that we cannot comprehend' (ifn memry serves). but i couldnt figger nuthin that sooted me better all day long. miz bd had er a good idee so i stuck it in, but it kep on naggin at me.

finely las nite i had a dream whar sumbidy wuz sangin. twuz lack we sung that docksallogy in church 'world without end' ceptn whut the feller wuz sangin woodnt scan rite, 'whirlwind without end.' that sangin pesterd me till i woke up. it tuck me a mint or two, but i real eyesd i had me the endin so i changed it.]

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Anne Johnson said...

He's probly sleepin in the Lincoln Bedroom.

Elvis Drinkmo said...

I swear I seen Osama over in Marietta, Ohio on 7th street right after 9-11. He was driving an old, rusty blue Chevy Pickup (about '79ish) and wearing a black Mack hat.

Anonymous said...

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