Wednesday, August 23, 2006

quik note of buddy don: whut happend to that fashun shoot?

ye mite member how i had this plan of takin pitchers of a fashun model last sundy. it dint cum to pass on a counta the model gut a case of the pink eye. so we are waitin. i ment to say sumthin ere now, but fergut.

meanwhile, i aint gut time to say much more on a counta how much wurk i gut to do today, witch i lack to git thar early so i will be leavin out in a few mints.

ach! ifn i ever wonta publish sumthin, i have to deelete a ole post.

twoodnt be so frustratin ifn ye could git a ackshull human at blogger or even blogspot to rite ye back when ye contack em fer hep, but insted all ye git is automated emails tellin ye to read the same hep files that dint hep ye in the furst place!

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1 comment:

Anne Johnson said...

Tell 'em you gonna decamp and take all yer friends with you. They don say nuthin bout limits when you join.