Monday, August 28, 2006

this n that of buddy don: pinions n pitchers

kayakdave over at appalachian greens has a verr intrestin post of facks here. heres a lil snippet, but ye really orta go over thar n read the hole thang on a counta thays a hole lot more thar:
Average CEO pay VS. Fed. Minimum Wage
Ave. CEO made 51 times FMW in 1965.
69 times in 1973
207 times in 1989
668 times in 2001
725 times in 2004
821 times in 2005

If you kill a wild horse or burro on federal land you can be fined a maximum of $100,000.

A company that kills a worker through willful violation of safety regulations can be fined a max. of $70,000.
in case yer wunderin whuther tiz true, ye gut this articull in today's new york times: Real Wages Fail to Match a Rise in Productivity:
The median hourly wage for American workers has declined 2 percent since 2003, after factoring in inflation. The drop has been especially notable, economists say, because productivity — the amount that an average worker produces in an hour and the basic wellspring of a nation’s living standards — has risen steadily over the same period.

As a result, wages and salaries now make up the lowest share of the nation’s gross domestic product since the government began recording the data in 1947, while corporate profits have climbed to their highest share since the 1960’s. UBS, the investment bank, recently described the current period as “the golden era of profitability.”

Until the last year, stagnating wages were somewhat offset by the rising value of benefits, especially health insurance, which caused overall compensation for most Americans to continue increasing. Since last summer, however, the value of workers’ benefits has also failed to keep pace with inflation, according to government data.

At the very top of the income spectrum, many workers have continued to receive raises that outpace inflation, and the gains have been large enough to keep average income and consumer spending rising.
shiftin subjecks, as i menchuned fridy nite, i finely deecided to host my photos on smugmug, witch i pickt thatn fer these reasons:
  • thay aint no limit to how much ye kin store thar
  • ye kin set yerself up in bizness ifn yer willin to pay fer a pro account, witch i figger i may swell do jes that
  • ye kin make private places that only them with the passwurds kin git into, witch thats useful ifn ye take pitchers of yer fambly n wonta share em with cuntrol over who gits to see em
  • ye kin make yer own domain (aint dun that yet on a counta i aint offishully sined up, witch i am a'gone use the refernts of a frien at wurk but dont know er email address yet)
  • ye kin fix the place to be yourn eggsclusively
  • ye kin set yer own prices fer photos that folks wonts to buy
  • ye kin putt a watermark on yer photos
  • ye kin perteck yerself agin rite clickin n downloadin photos
  • ye kin perteck yer copyrite
  • the fellers that set this up ansers yer questchuns n has em a real down to earth way of doin bizness
  • thays more, but i caint thank of all them reasons at the moment.
ifn ye wonta take a look at this wurk in progress, ye kin see it here. i dun putt up a few gallaries of photos:i aint gut it all dun by no means, but ye kin see lots of photos n make comments n even rate them pitchers, witch twood be a grate kindness ifn ye dun inny of that.

(ifn ye wonta make a comment, ye gut to click on 'link' below.)

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