Friday, August 25, 2006

quik note of buddy don: still searchin fer a photo hostin site

i spent the mornin lookin over sites to whar i aint gut time to blog. so far, i have eliminated them that wont let ye have files biggern a megabyte. seems lack to git whut i wont i am a'gone half to pay, witch i aint gut no problem with that eggzackly, long as i kin git whut i wont. whut that boils down to so far is a choice twixt smugmug n flickr, witch ifn ye pay em, ye kin git large pitchers on thar n even sell em n such.

i wish this wuz easier! note that i kindly lack photobucket n imageshack, but thay wont let ye have the large kinda files i wood lack to post.

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