Wednesday, August 09, 2006

tests of buddy don: kin i post agin?

i have deleted a few ole posts in hopes that i kin post sumthin agin. since i dont have much space, i wonta use this to ast a cuple questchuns:

1. i dun herd frum at lease one nice person sugjestin that i use photobucket, witch i know thays a passle of such sites. my questchun: whut should i use fer postin fotos? sum of yall been usin good places, so i wood luv to here yer idees.

2. whar should i move my blog? i thank i am a'gone use a kind offer of hep frum a good frien over at ThinkingMeat
to do the move, but i wood luv to here yer thoughts (ifn yer willin to splain why ye thank one site -- word press, fer instunts -- is bettern a nuthern.

(ifn ye wonta make a comment, ye gut to click on 'link' below.)


Tennessee Jed said...

Glad to see you bd! I use Image Cave (you can find a link to it on my site) it gives you 10 mb for images free. You could use several free services and have more than enough space.

meatbrain said...

I've never used an image hosting site, BD, so I cannot really recommend one. Listible maintains a list of such sites, though.

And you already know my recommendation for hosting: Quick set-up and great service.

Deb @ Sugarfused said...

Flickr is free unless you go with the Pro version and it would probably suit your needs just fine :)

Anonymous said...

Use ImageShack.

I think it's unlimited and no registration is required. You just upload the file and then copy the image location that they give you. It'll save you a ton of space. No need to make Blogger host the images.