Monday, March 20, 2006

pinions of buddy don: quick note on a blog

i aint gut no gas in the tank at the moment but i did have a good nite. so i caint rite much at the moment, but i did wonta reckommend a fantastick blog i been a'readin of late. tiz the gods are bored, run by the merlin of berkeley springs, anne johnson.

i urge ye to read it, but open the door to yer mind befor ye enter. ifn yer botherd by folks not bleevin jes whut ye bleeve, ye orta skip thisn. but ifn ye luv wide rangin, intelligent commentairy on god or the gods or nature or whutever ye mite call it, then this is the place to go. far as i kin tell, she rites sumthin new most everday.

i gut more to say whenever i git inny energy back.

thankee fer all yer kind wurds durin this recent spate of migraine attacks.

note to anne: i ast miz bd whuther we orta git that Nashville Sessions CD by Leftover Salmon. then i red her who plays on it – Del n Ronnie McCoury, Taj Mahal, Bela Fleck, Sam Bush, Yo-El Sonnier, Jerry Douglas, Lucinda Williams, and Waylon Jennings. miz bd sed, 'wunder who wood thank we wood be innerested in them?' big smile. tiz a list of sum of our verr faverts. so we gut it. tiz a keeper!


Anonymous said...

I love Anne's blog, thanks for the intro to it. Funny lady!

Anne Johnson said...

Ooooooo, I am all over blushes from all them nice thangs you sid bout ma blog! Now bout 1000 bored gods gonna work on yer migraines for free!

Sam Bush my all-time favrit picker, John Cowan my all-time favrit sanger. I craad when New Grass Rvival broke up and I ain't never forgave Bela Fleck.

Tennessee Jed said...

I do like Leftover Salmon, they played in a small club here a couple of years ago, the show was great. I have been reading the gods are bored since I found Anne at Appalachian Greens. Them folks are thinkers for sure!