Wednesday, March 01, 2006

mizry of buddy don: nuther day, nuther migraine

tiz a reglar thang now. lease we have sum hope. we seen us a new newrologist yesterdy name of dr neophytides. he give us sum medicin to keep migraines frum happnin ceptn we -- that is, i caint take it till i git the sleep problem fixt. (i keep sayin 'we' on a counta miz bd has to take me thru all this on a counta i am generly on zomig n half asleep the hole time.)

so tomorrow i see dr rodriguez, the sleep eggspurt thats also a newrologist, witch we are hopin he kin give us the proper treetment to fix the sleep problem. now fer sum zomig n more of the sleep problem.


Anonymous said...

I am pullin' for you Buddy Don.

Ain't you thankful you have MZ. BD?

Tennessee Jed said...

It ain't fair buddy don.