Sunday, March 19, 2006

blessins of buddy don: a day of blessins wurthy of recountin

yesterdy wuz a good day at last. dint have no simptums to speak of, witch miz bd had class so i spent the day puttern roun the house n wurkin a lil on the manuscrip till twuz time fer me to ride over to brooklyn fer my ackupunkchur.

as i menchunned yesterdy, i had plans to take sum pitchers of the sunset frum the brooklyn prominodd on a counta how i wood be gittin outta ackupunkchur round 5:15, time a nuff to walk up henry street to remsen street n turn left, witch remsen ded-ends in the prominodd. miz bd wuz a'gone call me whenever she gut dun with her class, witch twuz skeduled to go till 6:30 but ye never know.

twuz a lil chilly but otherwise a fine day with verr few clouds n low humidty. i wuz feelin as good as i been feelin lately of a week since i had jes cum frum bein ackupunkchurrd. i half to say, ye leave feelin wunderful.

innywho, i gut to the prominodd n tuck a few pitchers n then went to find a place to set up the tripod. low n beehold, i had fergut to brang the lil shoe thang ye use to attach yer camera to the tripod. twuz on a nuther piece of camera gear.

i tuck a few more pitchers n deecided to leave a message on miz bds cell fone, but woodnt ye know it? i had dun fergut my cell fone too! i reckun i must still be in that triptan fog whar i fergit thangs!

innywho, heres sum of them pitchers.

furst, here sum pitchers of whut the view looked lack in various years tween 1776 n today, witch ifn ye click em they will git huge n show ye lots of deetail ...

etching of man hattan vue frum the brooklyn prominodd in 1776

etching of how that man hattan vue wuz in 1880

ye probly member how lower man hattan looked frum brooklyn in 2001

here how twuz yesterdy

thays sum other thangs to see frum that prominodd, witch heres ye kin see down it tords the brooklyn bridge

finely, this is a pitcher of the statchoo of liberty, witch liberty used to be sumthin we woodnt never trade fer life, much less fer securty. mayhap ye member it.

innywho, i figgerd i had better git ere i fergit to take my own hed with me so i walked over to the a train n tuck it up to port authorty at 42nd street, witch thats whar ye catch the buses to jersey n uther places.

i wuz in luck: the bus wuz loadin n looked to be near full. i gut out my bus pass n gut on n who do i see with a seat at her side but miz bd!

ye couldnt have no better end to yer day.

fack is, twuz a day of blessins wurthy of recountin. tiz my wish fer everbidy to have a day as good as i dun yesterdy ... everday.


red molly said...

Heck buddy don, forgettin' things that people done lived without for many years like cell phones and tripod attachments aren't remembered to catch the prize of the day and that was a seat next to your sweetie. Life is Good!!!

Anne Johnson said...

So good you could git out an wander a little bit, hillbilly. You an expatriate hillbilly laak me.

They wuz some pretty pitchers, specially Ms. Liberty! No snuffin that torch without a fight.

One nite Mr. AJ & I was goin thru some ol pitchers, and we found one of Mr. AJ tooken either from whar you was or the Staten Island Ferry (?) dunno, but thar he stands gorgeous as Bono (seprated at birf) with Trade Towers bahind him. Pitcher was probly took in 1978.

Manhattan give me the creepy crawlies, but I do go thar sumtimes. Mebbe have to take train thar in a cupple weeks ta see a guy bout some goats.

buddy don said...

thankee bof fer them kind wurds. i am hopin to git my memry wurkin better, witch i am practissin!

as fer a visit to nyc, red, we eggspeck to see ye n mr red molly in april

same goes fer yew, anne, ifn ye cum to new york. please let me n miz bd know sos we kin meet ye n mr aj. we could have a bite sumwhars.

thankee bof fer droppin by!