Saturday, March 11, 2006

treetments of buddy don: cpap n ackupunkchur

yesterdy a feller cum by the house to deeliver a cpap, witch thats a cuntinuous positiv air preshur deevice. its a lil mask that goes over yer nose. thays a hose cummin out of the lil nose mask, witch it stuffs warm humidifide air into yer nose to keep ye frum havin sleep apnea. tiz a lot of wurk, but i reckun twill be wurth it. i used it last nite n woke feelin verr refreshd.

yesterdy me n miz bd wint to brooklyn to visit element healin n git a ackupunkchur treetment. miz bd had the camera n tuck a cuple of pitchers sos ye kin see them needles. heres three of em:

'acupuncture': furst pitcher is a foot level view. thays a total of eighteen needles in me with two in each calf, one jes above in each ankle, one in each foot, two in each ear, three in my chest, one in the middle of my forehead n one in each hand:

heres them needles in the calf:

heres them needles in the ear:

bleeve me, it looks much more panefull than tiz. ye caint hardly feel it when them needles go in, but ye feel grate once ye get dun with the sesshun. christina morris, the practishuner, gives a fantastick lil massage at the end of the treetment, witch that is wurth the price of add misshun even ifn this procedure dint hep a bidy git well.

hope yer all havin a grate weekend! we are a'gone be celebratin miz bds birthdy later on today, so i will be cookin all day: cuple loaves of bread, sum dream tater soup, mayhap a pie or birthdy cake. i reckun we will have us a grate time!

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Anne Johnson said...

Mrs. BD and I share a birthday! HAPPY BD MRS. BD!

Elvis Drinkmo said...

I hope the accupuncture things works out for there, my friend Buddy Don. Your right it does look painful. Glad it ain't.

Tennessee Jed said...

Happy Birthday to the Mrs.!

Are you sure those pins dont hurt? I mean right in the dang ear...ouch!