Tuesday, March 28, 2006

pinions of buddy don: nayshun of immigrunts wunders whut to do bout immigrunts

todays papers is loded with talk bout whut to do bout bein amurka, witch tiz a cuntry made up of immigrunts n the survivors of the genocidal arrivull of my euro-peon ancessters. the immigrunts thats dun alreddy here, legal or not, is marchin. them pallicticull partis is trine to figger out how to play it sos they git the mos votes. n we seen sumthin that we aint seen since george bush tuck up residence in the white house, ackshull bi-partisunship in the senate bill sponsord by john mccain n ted kennedy.

so happens i gut a lil histry with immigrunts, legal n otherwise. i dont wonta spoil the story of life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly, so i wont tell the bes stories i know bout thatn yet, but i did wonta note sumthin. thays a cuple of cuples i know verr well n the differnts in how thar bein treated is a real travesty:
  • one of ems a strate cuple made up of one amurkin born here n tuthern born elsewhar. thay wuz sum kinda questchun bout legalty of thatn born over thar, but whenever them two gut engaged, all them problems wuz over.
  • tutherns a gay cuple, witch they dun been together fer nigh onto five years. taint no doubt possibull whuther thar in luv or good fer one a nuther. so happens that one of ems amurkin born here n tutherns born over thar sumwhars. differnts is, thatn that wudnt born here has dun everthang possibull to keep legal. even so, dont matter nun atall whut he n his partner duz, he caint be legal fer marryin.
n that rite thar is jes plane rong.

whutever this here nayshun of immigrunts n genocide survivers should do bout them latest immigrunts, it orta be done fair, witch that means them thats gay should git the same rites as them thats strate.


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