Tuesday, March 07, 2006

tests of buddy don: this heres a test

seems lack i caint git wandering hillbilly. whenever i tempt to lode it, i git nuthin, blank screen sayin 'done.' i hope i aint lost it. i kin see them posts in the blogger wurk winder, so ?

speakin of tests, i spent last night hooked to a bundle of wires with a cpap deevice added in. twuz torcher, but once i fell asleep, i felt a hole lot better. the tecknishun tole me i woke up at lease once each hour the furst time, but only woke up whenever i needed to pee with that mask on.

i owe sevrull folks out thar email, witch i promiss to git toot purty soon. thankee one n all fer yer kind wurds!


Anonymous said...

When I click on the "wandering hillbilly" link in your post I get this site


But I still get to you fine from the bookmark on my computer.

I hope this ain't a joke that has gone over my head.

red molly said...

This morning I got the same as you a blank "done" page when I loaded your blog from my regular bookmark. Now I get an application error but the page does load.

Tennessee Jed said...

I also got the balnk screen starting last night and this morning.