Saturday, March 18, 2006

random ten of buddy don: feelin better, so how bout a lil musick?

thanks to all them fine folks that writ me thar reegards. i hope i ever git well or at lease well a nuff that i kin rite a lil more reglar.

innywho, i am feelin much better today than yesterdy n have hopes that i mite feel good all day long. miz bd has a class over in man hattan today that gits out round 6:30. i gut my weekly ackupunkchur in brooklyn at 4 pm, so i hope to git out in time to take a lil walk along the prominodd over thar n take sum pitchers of the settin sun over south man hattan. then mayhap me n miz bd will meet up fer a lil dinner.

meanwhile, heres my random ten fer today (usin whutever cums up on my ipod)
  1. Empty Hearts by Alison Krauss frum Forget about It
  2. Song for the Asking by Simon and Garfunkel frum Bridge Over Troubled Water
  3. Mystic Rhythms by Rush frum Power Windows
  4. 200 More Miles by Cowboy Junkies frum The Trinity Sessions
  5. A Touch of Your Hand by The Nylons frum Happy Together
  6. Flame in My Heart by James King frum Thirty Years of Farming
  7. Shape of My Heart by Sting frum Ten Summoner's Tales
  8. Girls and Boys by Prince frum sangle vershun of Peach
  9. Where Did the Sunshine Go by The Osborne Brothers frum From Rocky Top to Muddy Bottoms
  10. We're Gonne Move by Elvis Presley frum The King of Rock 'n' Roll: The Complete 50s Masters


Anne Johnson said...

BD, you ever hear the New Grass Revival or Leftover Salmon? I don know nuthin bout Ipods, but ifn you kin download NGR and LS, I might be tempted to git one.

Bet you would luv "Leftover Salmon The Nashville Sessions" if you ain't heard it.

Omni said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better!! :-)

Blogger's latest disaster kept me from making my intended St. Patrick's Day post (in fact I still can't use my regular browser on Blogger blogs, grrrrrrrr), so I'm belatedly giving you my latest dazzling poetic offering:

Be of good cheer
And drink some green beer
St. Patrick's Day is here!! :-)


Omni the Poet