Thursday, March 30, 2006

pinions of buddy don: a few hat tips to big bloggers

hat tip to eric alterman of altercation fer brangin this verr funny list of quotes to my tenchun.

hat tip to kos fer brangin this frum the booman tribune to my tenchun. whuts fassinatin bout this is how the fack checkin on kaloogians attempts to lie with a pitcher has been done by a blogger usin one of the tools of the internets.

then thays this skeery story bout usin stem cells harvested out of adults frum darksyde, also on kos.

hat tip to tristero of digbys hullabaloo fer notin how ye kin git live recordins of mozarts last three symfonies fer jes ten bucks at itunes. thar magick.

hat tip to kevin drum of politcal animal fer lankin to a shockin story writ bout iraq by sumbidy that lives thar he found on a grate blog i orta start readin everday name of Baghdad Burning.

i am shore thays more, but i gut to go.

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