Monday, March 27, 2006

plans of buddy don: dental wurk n wurk

i have a big day at the dentist today n a bigger day at wurk tomorrow, goin back fer the furst time in over three weeks. still fitin fer disabilty benefits, but i am confident we should win thatn on a counta havin so much info frum so minny differnt docterin typs.

meanwhile, in our cuntry, we perteck ourself frum dangerus groups such as activists who feed vegetarian meals to the homeless. wood it be ok ifn they wuz feedin em meat? or ifn they wuz feedin folks with homes? of ifn they wuznt activists? are we safer yet?

meanwhile, ye half to wunder how them oil cumpnies kin make it without drowndin in money.

meanwhile, ye gut to wunder why them voters hates amurka n wonts to turn thar backs on that noble war over in iraq!

meanwhile, wuznt it funny the way mr bush gut up in helen thomas' face n tole her no president wonts to go to war ... well, maybe they do jes a lil.

meanwhile, is it civil war over thar in iraq?

or jes sorta lack a civil war?

or are we takin part in it alreddy?


Phil said...

I wuz glad ta heer 'bout you not havin' any dem dere migraines fer a spell.Hopes ta run inter ya 'gin over ta Firedoglake agin reel soon.
Bustednuckles (Phil)

Anonymous said...

Feel great and productive back at work. I can tell you love your job, and they're very lucky to have you.