Thursday, March 16, 2006

progress of buddy don: nuther migraine, but ...

yesterdy not long after i had posted my daily entry here, i notissd i wuz gettin a lil blind in my left eye n had a pulsin pain growin on the left side of my hed. in the past, i mite woulda tride to thank twuz sumthin else, not a migraine.

but yesterdy, i tole miz bd whut i wuz a'feelin n tuck a new medicin fer it, a nasal spray vershun of imitrex. it dun purty much the same as zomig wood do, meanin it putt me to sleep. this time, tho, i slept with that cpap thang on my nose n whenever i woke up, i felt much bettern i normally wood after takin zomig n sleepin without no cpap thang.

so i am makin progress, tho tiz depressin that i am still gittin migraines, witch that dashes the hope wuz that gittin the sleep problem solved wood be a magick cure fer all migraines.

on tuther hand, tiz grate that i bounced back as quick as i dun yesterdy.

i shore hope i am on the rite path. seems lack thangs is gettin a lil better.

thankee one n all fer yer kind wurds of cuncern n cumfert. i am countin my blessins n caint count hi a nuff.

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