Wednesday, March 22, 2006

paperwurk of buddy don: disabilty denied ... whut a racket!

yesterdy wuz a good day fer migraines since i dint have no simptums, but thay wuz sumthin else. i gut a call from hr at wurk tellin me my applicayshun fer disabilty had been denied on a counta my docters not sendin in the papers they had to send to proove i have been sick.

twuz a bit of bad news that ment me n miz bd wood half to drop everthang we wuz hopin to do n concentrate on gittin the deecishun reversd.

whut makes it so annoyin is we calld them docters who sed they wood send the papers but they wood need me to sign em furst. but whenever i applied for disabilty, i wuz tole i shouldnt git the papers but have them docters fax em in.

twuz as if i couldnt be trusted.

but thays that law name of hipaa (health insurance portability and accountability act), witch accordin to it, them docters caint release nuthin i dont sign fer.

tiz a good racket, no? i am not spozed to see them papers, but i have to sign em ifn i wonta submit em.

so i ast whut wuz i spozed to do at this point. they tole me to git them papers n rite a letter splainin everthang. i wuz tole thays a real good chants the appeal for a re-revue will be approovd.

ifn taint by middle of nex week, i will have been overpaid n half to pay it back. they sed they woodnt make me pay it all at once but wood putt me on a payment skedule that i could live with.

so me n miz bd gut to callin round to git them papers. since we dont have no fax machine, we had to go over to man hattan yesterdy.

lucky fer me twuz a good day. ackshly, twuz lucky fer miz bd on a counta she wooda dun everthang needed to fite this ifn i had been sick, but taint rite.

i gut a cuple more docters with papers to gimme so i will half to visit em today, assumin my health holds.

so far, so good.

since 2000, ever time i have claimd inny medicull eggspents, its been denied till we fought it n gut it approovd with sum insurants cumnys pall gies.

whut a racket!


Anonymous said...

It damn sure is a racket Buddy Don but keep hammering at them. Eventually you will prevail. I think they make it a pain in the ass in the hope that folks will give up trying.

Never give up.

Tennessee Jed said...

Amen on the racket. It took my mother many years after her brain tumor and surgery to get any help after putting in near thirty years at her job and paying her fair share to the system. She had to hire a lawyer who got eight years of her back pay for her disability claim. I hope you do not have any trouble or need too much long care help. It seems as if they perfer you to starve to solve their money problems. Another observation (while I am on a rant) I have made is how the people who are taxpayers can never benefit from their efforts/payments without being accused of fraud. My blood is boiling for your cause!

Anonymous said...

.. damn, man.... is there anything we can do to help?..


Anne Johnson said...

I hate dealing with The Man. Hope you got more patience than me.

G. MacLeamh said...

Thank you... It's hard being a commie here in Nashvegas, Southern Occupied Zone. But that's a breeze compared to maintaining the will to live as one's teeth rot and abscess. Dental care in America seems reserved for the more privileged classes.

From the land of the free,*


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