Wednesday, March 08, 2006

blessins of buddy don: diss abilty

heres more evidents how i am livin proof how god continues to bless the undeservin. whenever i went in to wurk on mundy, the big boss cum to visit me n urge me to cunsidder takin sum short term diss abilty. he sed i should have sum time to deal with my health problems without havin to add the stress of wurryin bout wurk. tiz also easier fer folks to plan thar wurk ifn they know in add vants that i wont be thar fer a lil while.

so i tuck im up on it, witch it will make it lots easier to see all the docters i have lined up, to take all the tests, mayhap even to have surgry, should that turn out to be needed. n ifn i have the bad luck to git sick durin this, i wont have to feel so guilty bout not wurkin.

innywho, i am hopin i will be healthy, git my breathin deevice wurkin, n be reecuverd. meanwhile, i mite coule have a lil more time fer postin in here, ritin chapturs, n wurkin on the manuscrip of the furst book of life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly, witch is a long novel that will half to be broke down into sepert books (kindly remembrance of things past, witch i flatter myself to cumpar whut i am a'ritin to whut ye mite say is the worls gratest novel, but ifn yer a'gone aim at sumthin, why not make it the best sos even ifn ye miss, ye cum close to sumthin grate).

innywho, i jes wonted to let folks know this: not ever place on wall street is hartless, sartinly not the fine place whar i am blessd to be a'wurkin.


red molly said...

I'm glad you are on short term disability. I think it is where you need to be to concentrate on your medical issues and get yourself healthy soon.

Tennessee Jed said...

I want a copy of that novel with your signature on it! Good move taking time out for your health! Take time for yourself friend teacher.

Anne Johnson said...

I gess this rules out all possbility that BD works fer Wal-Mart.

Take all th taam ya need, come see us at "Gods r Bored" n set a spell.

N pray for Mr. AJ. Bids are due fer his plant today, an ifn it gits in rong hands then dissbility an all other health care an even job might go ka-flooy.