Tuesday, March 14, 2006

treetments of buddy don: early pointmint

mornin, all. i gut a verr early docters pointmint this mornin. seems lack i have been a'hauntin em lately.

i mint to menchun how we celebrated miz bds birthdy on saturdy, witch her real birthdy wuz mundy. we had a grate time. corse jack n vaclav joined us. they gut here early. loretta n paddy cum over, witch they gut here a lil late, but dint matter nun. we wuz also deelited that arnold 'golden throated mockinbird' goode n his soul mate biddy could make it as well on a counta how we hadnt seen em in nigh onto three years.

whut a time we had. loretta had give me a slew of ole fambly fotos n i had even more of em, witch i putt em on the ipod n tricked the tv into showin the slideshow of em. twuz a real treet. meanwhile we had a cuple of fresh loaves of bread (rye n dakota), fresh cuts of meats (roast beef, ham, smoked turkey), sum dream tater soup, a cake cooked by vaclav, witch he is a master baker of near all pastries, n more fun than ye could shake a stick at.

arnold 'golden throated mockinbird' goode led us all in a cherokee birthdy dance n then a anniversry dance on a counta how me n miz bd gut marrd on her birthdy.

heres a pitcher of the birthdy cake:

heres miz bd a'blowin out them candles:

in case yer wundern, she wuz able to putt out the fire with jes one big breath!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the dream tater soup recipe. I had wondered about it the other day. I'll try it this weekend.

red molly said...

Looks like a fine celebration...glad all had a good time. Happy Belated Birthday to ms bd and Happy Anniversary to you both.

Anonymous said...

.. happy belated birthday to Mrs. Hillbilly... many happy returns...

Anne Johnson said...

Birthday and anversary same day? Sounz laak a way to cut down on the prezzents. JK!

That thar snapshot make it look laak Ms. BD takin a chance with her pretty har. Glad you had a fun taam! An many more!