Friday, March 24, 2006

pinions of buddy don: Rubberstamplicans – weak on defense

ye mite coulda seen sum of them Rubberstamplicans runnin around lack saint peter trine to make shore they have thrice denied bein all that close to mr bush befor the cock crows in november, witch everbidy is hopin folks will be woke up by then.

meanwhile, have ye notissd how them Rubberstamplicans is weak on defense?

thar weak on defense of our ports, votin down ever dimcrat effort to increase fundin to make em safer.

thar weak on defense of simple common sense, wastin money on star wars to perteck us agin enemies that wood be committin suicide to attack while lettin them that knows how to attack practiss thar evil craft on the terrst practice field name of iraq.

thar weak on defense agin one of the most obveeus targets of inny woodbe terrst, chemical plants.

fack is, rite down the line thar weak on defense of our cuntry agin the greed of stateless corporayshuns, witch they git treated lack furst class citizens whilst the rest of us aint hardly gut the funds to make a statement in publick (money bein a part of thar concep of 'free' speech).

thar weak on defense of our soljers, sendin em into a war of choice (not necessity) without adequate armor n other equipment they needed.

thar weak on defense of our futchur, morgagin everthang by raizin the deficit by nigh onto $3 trillion of the $9 trillion its swole up to.

thar weak on defense of our borders on a counta they wont all that cheap labor BUT thar also weak on common sense on a counta how they wonta demonize them verr same illegal wurkers thay need to keep wages down, witch this is whut is called a split in the Rubberstamplican party. must be tuff ifn ye caint figger out whut yer spozed to rubberstamp!

thar weak on defense of the middle class, transferrin massive amounts of our nashunull treasure to billionairs that dont need it.

as ye know, a bidy could go on n on n on bout how them Rubberstamplicans are weak on defense of our homeland n the main threats frum terrsts.

but wurst of all, they are weak on defense of the constitushun!

our cuntry aint sum land, aint sum corporayshuns, aint our economy, aint nuthin material atall. tiz our ideals. ifn we wuz in a battelstar galactica ship roamin the universe lookin fer a place to land n live, we wood still be amurka ifn we still had n defended our constitushun. whut we stand fer is a gummint of checks n balantses, a gummint that dont have no unitary execkutive lack the King George III wonted to be.

the Rubberstamplicans are fine with the president brakin the FISA law.

the Rubberstamplicans attack russ feingold fer standin up fer it, acktin lack he is on the side of the terrsts (ye kin see it in that ad agin im, witch i doubt ifn twill be thar long n i caint make a die-reck lank wurk). thang is, them terrsts caint defeat us, caint take away the ideal of amurka.

but them Rubberstamplicans seem hell bent on doin jes that.

the president will decide whut the law is, not the legislatchur (thats so pre-9/11, pre 1978 even ... why, it goes back over 200 years!).

the president will decide how the law is to be interpreted, not the judiciary.

now that mr bush has lost his mojo n has approval ratins in the thirties, them Rubberstamplicans are trine to git the ink offn thar faces (but keep the loot he razes fer em). but its too late fer that: twuz indelible purple ink!

by that i mean, we (the people) aint a'gone let nobidy fergit who them Rubberstamplicans are n whut all they dun Rubberstamped.

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Anne Johnson said...

DOWN with Rubberstamplican EXHIBIT A:
Rick Santorum!