Wednesday, March 29, 2006

mizry of buddy don: progress of sorts

thangs is gittin better with my migraines, even ifn i caint git em to quit altogether. yesterdy evenin, my left eye gut to goin blind. i waited as long as i could to make shore twood be a migraine then tuck my medicayshun. in about three hours or so, twuz all over.

so the bad news is how they keep on a'cummin, but the good news is that they dont last near as long.

tiz a bit o'progress, so i am countin it as a nuther blessin!


Tennessee Jed said...

I know you hate to admit one is coming on, but do you think if you took meds as soon as the halo vision started you would need less of a dose and perhaps suffer less down time? I know in my case, my mother's and my grandfather's the key was as early of a dose of something helped the best along with some quiet dark and still time asap. I think it helps to not let your head get so beat up before seeking shelter from the storm. The next day is also better from paying close attention to the first sign and not getting the brain all sore. It sounds like you are on your way to management of this situation.

Best of luck you fish loving, tiny cinder block collecting hillbilly!

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