Thursday, July 28, 2005

revellayshuns of buddy don: brakin the fourth wall

thays been a significunt bit of acktivity bout sum thangs i either writ or reecorded to whar tiz time i let it be knowd that the fourth wall of this here innerprize eggzists n could be broke.

whut do i mean by the fourth wall? ye kin git ye a idee by goin here. ifn ye couldnt git in thar on a counta thar bein a price to pay fer subscripshun (tiz wurth it), then how bout this eggsplainayshun:
fourth wall

The space separating the audience from the action of a theatrical performance, traditionally conceived of as an imaginary wall completing the enclosure of the stage.
this here blogs a theatrickull performunts even ifn the audience is on tuther side of the glass wall of thar montor. the few folks that drops by everday knows that whut they find here bof is n aint real. tiz real in the sense that ye see them wurds i tap out on the keybird everday or them pitchers i uplode, but taint real in the sense that 'buddy don' is a care acketer invented by the author, witch i (buddy don) dont generly let him (the author) git his grubby paws onto the keybird.

but thay is a author behind it all n fack is, the author is deelited to say that miz bd n him is a'gone meet one of his bes bloggin buddies, red molly, witch shes the one that hosts the Blue Page Special. red molly is one of the three of four folks on the planet that has dun red everthang they is so far of life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly (furst part or 101 chapturs here, secunt part or chapturs 102 - 140 here).

as ye mite magine, we made friends over that n i half to add mitt, twuz her innerst in gittin more chapturs that gut me a'goin agin (i need to keep on a'goin, i know).

turns out red molly n her husbin is fixin to take a trip up to man hattan sos mr red molly kin take a oracle class. so we plan to meet up at st andrews n ye kin jes bet i will be bloggin all bout it.

but wait, thays more: same day i gut the email with the good news bout red's visit, i gut a email frum a feller over in sweden name of martin g. i could barely bleeve my eyes whenever i red this in a email name of Hi from Sweden:
I ´ve jes red "life ´n pinions".
I liked it a lot, n look forward to the rest of the story.
When´s the following chapturs coming ?
Being about the same age as you, I recognise a whole lot.
Living in sweden is of course diffrent from the US, but some things seem to be universal.
Here it´s now friday time-to-get-home-from work and grey skies, thunder n raining.
I thought that I had something to say about your writings, but right now it´s gone.
Maybe nex week it´ll be back.
ye kin jes bet twuz good news fer me to read that a feller that dont even have english as a furst langwage could read life n pinions atall, much less all the way thru n ast fer more. so i tride to add the 39 chapturs that wuznt on the novel site only blogger woodnt let me, so i made a new lil site with the secunt part.

meanwhile, i had dun cut out a books wurth of the hole thang (dun writ the endin, so i know i gut a long slog ere i finish ritin it), a book name of 'this one gurl name of darlene,' witch red molly n martin g n deb n miz bd n mayhap a nuther two or three folks gits thatn. thays a publisher innerested n now that its dun been showd to keep a bidys innerested to keep on a readin, mayhap tiz wurth it to git that manuscrip reddy to give to the publisher. (i notice how folks mentchuns tiz easier to read ifn tiz printed out n i bet twood be easier still ifn twuz revised -- tiz still a furst draft, after all -- n published as a lil book ye could hold easy lack in yer hands). so i plan to putt sum time in on that projeck even ifn i caint blog as much, tho i am too much of a ham not to git on my lil bloggin stage everday or so.

but thays even moren that. i gut a email frum a feller who had found wandering hillbilly by searchin fer jaroslav haceks book The Good Soldier Svejk, witch i writ a lil revue of that grate wurk here. turns out this feller has a hole site dedicated to that book and he has writ his own translayshun! i jes orderd me a copy or book one, witch ye kin do the same ifn ye wonta by goin here. i caint hardly wait to read it on a counta tiz one of the worls grate wurks of litterchur n funny a nuff to make yer sides hurt by laffin.

bein as he or his fambly cums frum the land of svejk, witch thar a'callin it the czech republic these days, he knew that the email address buddy don uses could have sumthin to do with bohemia. tiz oh so true. i writ im back n let im know how twuz that i cum to use that address. i tole im my real name (dun the same to a few other folk, witch i grately preciate how they keep my secrets) n add mitted how me n miz bd had dun reecorded n reeleasd a cd name of once removed by our band name of bohemian hillbillies. ifn ye foller that lank, ye kin buy that cd.

mr sadlon (author of the svejk translayshun i mentchuned above) bought hisself a copy of our cd (thankee, sir!) n writ a lil revu of his own bout it:
Well, the CD came today, and I just finished listening to it. I enjoyed it very much, just like one enjoys a gathering of friends having a conversation about life, the good, the bad and the ugly. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't a bit apprehensive. I'm getting too old and tired to be brooding. But your treatment of the subject of death is quite authentic, non-jarring, thoughtful, smile-inducing, and much more. I'm not an artist, musical or otherwise, just a consumer of art. I like what I like and I know why. I like people communicating. The Bohemian ones are some mighty smart hillbillies! I love the subtleties. At one point I chuckled at the emerging thought: Billy Joel meets the Fugs!

Most objects that I have at home have a meaning, a personal story. "Once removed" is already one of the more complex and meaningul objects among them.
tiz also a big brake in the fourth wall on a counta ye kin also figger out who the author is ifn ye go to that thar site. please keep my secret a secret on a counta i dont wont folks to be able to search my real name n find this here site. thays too much draft material on it.

but tiz true bout the author: taint buddy don!

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