Wednesday, July 27, 2005

wasted time of buddy don: randum stroll thru the blogosfear

i jes finished up a'postin the rest of the chapturs to life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly, secunt part, witch that means tiz as good as its title n has all chapturs frum 102 to 140. tuck a sprizin bit of time to git that dun on a counta furst i had to find em n then i had to trick it out to whar twood post em in order. i dun that by changin the time of each post to make it a mint or two earlier than the one before it.

innywho, once it gut dun i saw that lil strip on the top of the new blog, the one whar ye kin do a google search or make ye a new blog or go to nex blog. seems lack thay aint no way to git it offn the blog n i noticed how they dun putt it on life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly, furst part.

innywho, that gut me to thankin bout the blogosfear n wundern jes how thangs are out thar. fer the mos part, i spend my time on a few favert blogs, witch ifn ye read me reglar, ye know whut they are. mayhap i kin do a lil tour of them a nuther day. but i figgerd fer fun, twood be innerestin to see whuts a'gone on out thar ifn ye tuck whutever cum to ye. so heres my stroll:
  1. Turkish Diary; Every day some news about Turkey, if possible not treated by big media. [writ in english by three cuntributers name of alexis nevil, selene n liriel, the subtitle splains whut tiz about]
  2. This is a life like no other ... this is The Great Adventure! [thisns the diary of a young lady name of jaimsie, witch this is how she deescribes herself:'I'm a teenager in the final months of my teen years; I love music, I'm a Manchester United supporter (go Reds!); I'm an avid reader; "Jamesie" is a nickname my friend gave me base on charater role-plays we do; I love RP-ing and icon-making; and ultimately I love God. I'm proud of my Methodist Heritage and I'm striving day by day by God's grace to live out the life He has given to me.']
  3. Think About This: Wonderful Days [looks lack a nuther diary of a young lady, thisn anonymus. seems lackly shes in hi skool or mayhap even jr hi.]
  4. Cell Phones and Ringtones [at furst glants, thisn looks lack one of them faux blogs thats really jes auto-generated spam ceptn ifn this is one, tiz well-dun on a counta lines lack this:"If you where searching for research motorola cordless phone in the real world, what would you do? I guess in reality you could look through books and magazines , but browsing the net is much easier."]
  5. EnnangaL EzhuthukkaL; Welcome! This blog is about the ripples on my mind pool by the impact of life. Your comments would be greatly appreciated. [caint tell much bout thisn on a counta how tiz writ in a lango i caint penetrate. i reckun tiz sumthin frum india on a counta how tiz located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India]
  6. The Wicked Truth; LIBERTY IS ALWAYS UNFINISHED BUSINESS [thisn a blog writ by two folks. one of ems a feller name of Mister Hand, witch he deescribes hisself thisaway: "I am a political junkie and a super-duper sci-fi/horror buff (or geek, some might say) and no matter how hard I try I just cannot develop a taste for kael." tutherns a feller name of meatbag. bofem fellers is 34 accordin to thar profile.] heres a lil snippet to let ye know whut thar all bout:
    I don't believe in left or right. I believe in trying to find out the truth. Okay, so no world-shaking revelations there. But we've come to a point in our country's history where the pardigm seems to favor the right. This is mostly because of Fox News' rise to power, and due to the long slow burn of Rush Limbaugh's oft-repeated lies. When Rush was a voice in the wilderness a decade ago, his lies were lies. Now, however, they have been repeated often enough to prove that Goebbels was right: A lie, if repeated often enough, becomes the truth.
  7. [truth][thisn writ by a yung 20-year-ole english feller with spiky hair, witch he calls hisself cardboardsword. mayhap hes a poet or jes lacks poeticull thangs. innerestin quote at the top of his sidebar:'[freedom] Jesus said, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."'
  8. HAYL [nuther english poet, thisn a 17-year ole yung lady. her real name is Hayley Terese Pereira n peers to me shes a purty good poet.]
  9. Last night an mp3 saved my wife [thisn a blog with sevrul cuntributers, all of em radio djs of sum kind. as ye mite magine, tiz a blog bout musick n these folks know much more bout it than i am ever lackly to. todays post is bout Long John Baldry passin away - Let The Heartaches Begin.]
  10. Japon G&M [thisns so new it dont have no moren a sangle post yet. writ in french, looks lack its dedicated to japan.]
  11. Jedi Andi [riter of thisn is a 23-year old feller who lacks musick frum lincoln park to sarah maclachlan. looks lack hes a nice guy who has dun been hurt by luv fer bein a nice guy, witch thats one of the oldest stories in the worl]
  12. Phillet; Mine Life Through Mine Eyes... [feller that rites thisn goes by the name of Phillet Rohani, witch hes a 22-year old web deeveloper. heres how he deescribes hisself: 'I was born and raised in Lancashire, ended up at university (where I met some great, lifelong buddies, and where my life just began), and now I'm working as a web developer.']
  13. Jobal and Maricar's Wedding [odd thang bout this blog is how it dont have a sangle post, but thays dun been 20 comments made. looks lack a blog dedicated to the weddin of a very attractiv yung cuple.]
thars my quick stroll thru sum blogs that i lackly never wooda seen ifn i hadnt tuck a ride on that 'next blog' train blogger has. tiz bettern i eggspeckted on a counta how the furst time i tride it i dint git nuthin but spamblogs n blogs in langos i couldnt figger out.

speakin bout folks that blogs, me n miz bd has a treat cummin up, witch we are a'gone git to meet one of our favert bloggers. but i dont wonta say much more bout it today on a counta tiz wurth a hole entry, witch i plan to post thatn in the mornin.

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