Thursday, July 07, 2005

readers of buddy don: whut a dream tennessee jed had

ifn ye read the comments to this site, mayhap ye follerd the lank tennessee jed putt in, witch hes the feller who cum up with the new wandering hillbilly banner i been a'usin on this site. this fellers one of the mos creativ i ever met. we should be seein his idees everwhar, but taint happend (yet!). ye kin see his wurk here.

whenever i posted yesterdys bit about havin big thangs on my mind, whut i ment wuz how the seller of our apartment sent us a note demandin all our finanshul informayshun and 10% of the price by a week frum fridy or lose the deal, givin us 10 calendar days to git it dun. twuz moren we figgerd wuz wurth doin, as it happens, but at the time, i wuz hurt by how they wuz a'treatin us. (i know severul folks that has bought property in new jersey, but nun of them had to disclose thar infermayshun to the seller, jes the lender. they putt down ernest money, not the hole down payment, to hold thar deal. so i wuz a lil riled up.

but them problems i jes menchuned aint nuthin but small taters when ye thank bout it. we dont half to buy n fack is, we dont wonta buy frum folks that treats us thataway.

but sumtimes ye wunder whar ye are n whar yer a'goin. fer that reason, i highly recommend ye read tennessee jeds piece on a dream he had. seems to me its a metafor fer our times. in the case of the big thangs i had on my mind, part of whut had me upset wuz thankin sumbidy else wuz forcin me n miz bd to do thangs we dint wonta. but after givin it lots of thought n cunsultin with my irish friend micky n readin whut tennessee had writ, well, it dawned on me that i am captain of my own ship, so to speak.

or to mix yer metafors, the sun is still a'gone cum up n ye gut the rite to git out n enjoy it. tiz a bit of gods glory that caint nobidy take frum us, that caint be bought n sold. ye kin even take a pitcher of it, witch thats jes whut miz bd did tuther day.

thays a worl of hope in a simple sunrise. (n even ifn ye dint notice it, yer the captain of yer ship. thankee tj, sir!)

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