Friday, July 15, 2005

pinions of buddy don: i druther drank sangle malt scotch

fack is, i am sick of the news. taint a'sayin i kin turn away frum thangs lack this or this or this. as ye know, i could go on n on n on. or even on and on. tiz a nuff to drive a man to drankin, witch i kin git thar without even gittin in the car!

n that turns my thoughts to ... sangle malt scotch.

ifn we kin git thru the wurkday ahead, twill be the weekend. me n miz bd caint hardle wait fer the weekend on a counta how we luv drankin sangle malt scotch, witch ifn ye know much bout that most deelishus of all spirits, then ye know ye kin find bottles sellin fer innythang frum $13 to upwards of $5,000. durin the week, we lack to have a wee dram once i git home, but we dont drank the good stuff durin the week: eethur we mite sip a bit of a blend or mayhap a lil bourbon or more lackly sum jack daniels tennessee whiskey.

but whenever we make it to the weekend, we treat ourself to sumthin a lil better. ye gut to real eyes how we dint even know bout sangle malt scotches till early last year, but we been a'studyin up on the subjeck lack crazy ever since. we been goin to tastins n whisky fest n places lack keens chophouse or st andrews, places whar the sangle malt menu is biggern the food menu. n one of the blessins of livin in the nyc metropalltun area is how we git lots of variety at good prices.

one thang that means is how we dun cum up with a passel of faverts. we also dun lots of comparrin of fairly yung whiskys (10 year laphroaig or 15 year ledaig, fer instunts) n older ones (15 year laphroaig or 20 year ledaig). in near ever case, the yungn is bettern the older one. heres a list of sum we thank we always a'gone wonta be able to drank, malts we thank of as 'staples':
  • laphroaig 10 year:
    tiz bettern laphroaig 15 -- richer, peatier, more of everthang ye drank a islay malt fer. tiz also much cheaper. over in man hattan, ye kin find it fer $32. purty reglar.
  • glenmorangie 10 year:
    in this case, the older glenmorangie is a lil better, a bit more cumplex n innerestin, but not by much, speshly whenever ye cunsidder ye kin git yer 10 year fer bout $24 n ye caint find yer 18 fer lessn $75. tiz a highland malt, taint peaty atall, but tiz sweet n fruity n sumthin ye kin roll round in yer mouth a'tastin everthang that cums out
  • talisker 10 year:
    thisn is one of our five faverts. cost ye a lil more, tho lately we been findin it fer as lil as $42. tiz frum the isle of skye, thonly one frum thar. twuz the furst we tride (thankee agin, eric!) n we try to have us a bottle on hand. we did try the 18 year old whenever it cum out n tiz a nuther case whar the older malt is better, only ye kin git yer 18 fer $60 ifn ye shop round.
  • ledaig 15 year:
    a nuther fine malt, much bettern the 20 year fer our tungs. ye kin git it fer $45 ifn ye shop round. i dont member how much they ast fer the 20 year but tiz too much.
  • lagavulin 16 year:
    tiz our favert of all standurd distiller bottlins. heavy body, massive peat, long warm finish -- tiz a malt with everthang. ye caint git it fer lessn $60 n ye mite see it goin fer a lot more. thays also a 12 year vershun that they dont make no more, witch it costs too much to mentchun, but i wuz lucky a nuff to have a dram on my irish friend micky's nickle over a keens n lord have mercy, twuz bout as good as it kin git.
  • other staples we lack a lot n the bes prices we seen up in here:
    • bruichladdich 10 year -- $34
    • maccallen 12 year -- $36
    • glenfiddich 10 year -- $35
      verr poplar n importunt in the histry of sangle malts fer sellin sangles when everbidy wuz wontin to buy blends. bes thang bout this is ifn ye go out, ye kin almos always git eether thisn or ...
    • ... the glenlivet 12 year -- $28
    • ardbeg 10 year -- $32
    • bowmore 12 year -- $20 (!!)
    • dalmore 12 year -- $28
    • springbank 10 year -- $40
    • caol ila 12 year -- $45
this evenin, mayhap me n miz bd will crack the seal on sumthin speshul -- lagavulin? -- on a counta we dun been pre-approovd fer a morgidge on our apartment.

as mountain gurl is fond of sayin, 'blessins abound.'

as mis bd mite anser, 'they duz.'


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