Wednesday, July 06, 2005

wurries of buddy don: big thangs on my mind

me n miz bd is hopin to buy the apartment we been rentin the past five years, but taint a'gone be easy. we gut a notice in the mail tuther day statin how we had to have give em a check fer 10% of the purchase price by nex fridy jes to keep the insider price. we dint speck that n figgerd we wood half to wurk with the mortgage lender to deetermine down payment n such. tiz a lot more money than we generly have sittin round, so when i woke up at 3 am, thay wuznt no chants of fallin back asleep on a counta the big thangs on my mind.

speakin of big thangs, that queen mary 2 is too big to do justus in a pitcher, even with the coast guard boat chuggin along side it. seems lack my wurries is jes as big as that thar ship! (ifn ye click on it, ye kin see that tiz a verr big ship!)

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