Saturday, July 16, 2005

deals of buddy don: tuck the plunge

well we dun it. me n miz bd went n putt a hole lotta money down sos we kin buy our apartment. they putt us thru the wranger n made us read a bunch of borin documents n rite our names on a slew of papers. one of them papers they made us putt our initials on sed we had been warned bout how tiz dangerus to jump into the hudson. we bout felt lack that n once we finely gut home after 2 n a half hours of that stuff, we tuck a walk.

whut do we see but a feller jumpin into the hudson. furst time ever we seen that. twuz lack he wuz showin us whut we had jes dun: tuck the plunge.

they had us doin backflips to whar we almos wonted to walk out, speshly whenever they tole us we had to pay em 10% of the market valu ruther than 10% of the price they wuz a'sellin it to us fer. so whut do ye know, the feller takin dives spots me takin his pitcher n asts me ifn i wood git sum of him a'doin flips. i knew bout how he felt.

time it wuz all over, we needed to cum up fer air on a counta how we wuz feelin bout as dizzy as the feller wuz a'lookin!

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