Tuesday, July 19, 2005

pinions of buddy don: we aint fitin no army ...

... tiz more lack we gut ourself in a fite with a virus with this here global war on terr or gwot (rimes with snot) fer short. i writ on this a while back in a pinion name of fitin a tacktick.

whuther the tacktick gits used depends on our battle fer harts n minds, witch i writ on thatn a time or two, furst time with a pinion name of ye cant win harts n minds with bullets nuther time on how we keep on a'trine the same thang that dont wurk, witch i writ bout that in a post name of city of rubble to win harts n minds?

my point wuz that levelin a town the size of knoxvull (faluja is bout the same size), even after we tole everbidy to git out, aint no good way to git people to re-cunsidder thar plans to use the tacktick of terr. it almos seems lack playin into thar hands, witch them tackticks wuz discussed in china minny a year ago in a book name of the art of war writ by sun tzu. i writ bout thatn in a pinion name of the art of war.

so twuz nice to see mr blair cum round to my way of thankin (dont ye lack how i take my ownself a lil too seious?) whenever he sed we wuz battlin a 'evil ideology'.

sum lacks to thank bullets kin win agin terrst. i dont bleeve thatns a'gone wurk on a counta we aint fitin a army, aint fitin a forn gummint, aint fitin a organized group of rebels. whut we are fitin is a group of idees n pashuns that kin cunvints sum folks they orta give thar own life to fite in behalf of them idees.

our approach is lack fitin a killer flu by trine to track down everbidy that catches it n eethur lockin em up or killin em. ifn we aint cum up with no innoculayshun or antivenom or antibiotick to kill the germs, then dont matter how minny we catch or kill or chase into the caves twixt afghanistan n paksitan. ifn them germs is loose n ifn folks aint gut the strangth of reason to resist em, then lack as not, otherns is a'gone git infeckted.

corse, it dont hep when ye dont git yer 'typhoid marys' of the disease, yer osama bin ladens n mulla omars n such. ifn ye dont stop them, they git stronger, speshly in the harts n minds of folks that dont much lack us, speshly fer folks that lacks to root fer thar own n gits proud seein one of thar own stick it to us n then git away with it.

even more importunt, ye caint hep the disease spread by creatin the cundishuns that makes it stronger, witch thats whut we dun in the prisons of afghanistan n guantanimo n abu grave. folks seein proof of whut wuz dun thar gits thar fevers up n then the disease has a better chants of takin em.

fack is, them bombers in englund wuz home growd. they wuz born thar. they wuznt the evil enemy frum outside smuggled in to bomb. they wuz born n razed in the freedum of englund. but thar minds n harts wuz infeckted by the bleef that thar folks -- thar forebears -- had been dun rong, had been dun such a terrbull rong that inny ackshun wuz justifide.

i aint sayin thar rite atall. but i am sayin that trine to fix the problem by trine to git rid of em aint the anser. why? on a counta how taint as ifn thay wuz a set number of evil terrsts in the worl sos ye jes had to git em all n be dun.

in sted, thays germs that infecks sum folks. them germs git stronger evertime we do innythang that kin be turnt to the add vantage of them that wonts to attack us. we aint battlin fer earthly territory atall. were battlin fer whut folks bleeves.

ye mite could thank we wood be good at this kinda thang on a counta ifn ye add it all up, tiz a battle to win souls. corse ye caint doot with slogans n simple but false eggsplainayshuns lack 'they hate us cawz were free' or 'cawz we gut democrussy' or even 'cawz were rich'.

ye gut to doot by larnin why folks mite git infecketed with such violent evil idees. witch jes lack when yer larnin to fite a germ, ye caint doot by makin up stories bout them germs. ye gut to study them germs n see how they spread n whut kills em.

taint bullets that kin wipe out them germs.

tiz the antibidies of better, truer idees.

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