Friday, July 01, 2005

quandry of buddy don: pinions or pitchers

thays plenty to rite about, but whut differnts wood it make? nun that i kin see. folks that bleeves whut i bleeve mite read whut i rite, but they woodnt change thar pinions since they wood dun alreddy have my pinions. ifn they dont bleeve whut i bleeve, taint lackly they wood read it n aint no way theyd bleev it.

fer instunts, who wood be purse-waded bout the war bein based on lies by articulls lack these:so in sted of goin thru all that, i figgerd i wood take a lil look at whut folks really luvs to do, witch musick is a big part of it. heres sum fotos i tuck durin a walk in the park on saturdy of folks playin musick or lisnin toot:

i couldnt tell ye whuther this gittar player wuz inny good on a counta i wuz usin this long zoom lens n couldnt here nuthin

wish ye coulda herd this band a'playin on a counta how they wudnt nuthin but amazin

this here feller wuz playin one of my favert songs, that u2 song name of one

this here band wuz dun with thar set, but when tuther gittar player started to playin 'one' across the way, they played along with im

here ye gut ye a audients of sunglasses, witch they wuz a'checkin out them fellers playin along with the gittar player

this here sax player warnt nuthin short of incredibull, witch whenever they nex band gut cummenced a'playin, he played circulls round em

but the jass band warnt half bad, kindly lack them bands i played in whenever i wuz in hi skool out in californy

these folks musta had sumbidy a'playin in that jazz band since they wuz thonly ones payin em inny attenchun.

have i dun mentchuned how we luv our new camera n caint hardly do nuthin but take pitchers?

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