Sunday, July 24, 2005

daytrips of buddy don: brooklyn botanickull gardens

ackshly, thar name is Brooklyn Botanic Garden, but that aint whut near everbidy seems to call em. more lack theyll say, brooklyn botanickull gardens. i dun herd it a minny a time.

innywho, yesterday me n miz bd tuck a lil daytrip over to brooklyn to spend the afternoon with my irish friend name of micky. he lives right on prospect park over thar n has im a grate apartment. ifn ye knew im lack i do, ye wood know hes dun 'kicked around a lot' n dun a lotta differnt thangs. hes a sorta flossofer, so tiz only natcherull that i wood git to hear lil of his bleefs. heres one:
magine ye had jes fell offn a cliff n jes by luck ye had grabbed the branch of sum roses. ye hold on deespite them thorns on a counta down below thays a cuple lions a'pacin back n furth, a'waitin fer ye to fall. ye look up n see thays a nuther cuple lions up thar, trine to suss out how to git to ye. so whut ye a'gone do?

smell the roses.
micky herd thisn sumwhars, mayhap a buddhist munk or sum such, n i member how we laffed whenever he tole it to me the furst time. i tole it to minny a nuther person. corse thye could see the wisdum innit, but dint hardly nobidy do much bout it, me included.

but mickeys differnt. william james -- or wuz it henry? -- writ sumthin bout ifn yer a'wontin to have a good life, ye gut to have a good liver. i wood say mickys one of the bes i know. one of the thangs he n his wife duz is cuntribute to the park n botanickull gardens n museam n i dont know whut all.

but he lacks to git out in all em places n since he lives jes across the street frum the park, he asts us did we wonta cum out, taste a litle sangle malt, n visit them gardens. we did.

im here to tell ye, we dun a lil smellin of them roses yesterdy. on the way home mis bd sed twuz jes lack havin a vacayhsun.

the place wuz jes loded with amazin plants. heres sum pitchers i tuck.

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