Monday, July 18, 2005

laziness of buddy don: spent the mornin readin ...

... n now i aint gut time to rite much of nuthin. more on whut i wonted to rite tomorrow.

heres a feller that stole the scene. we went out to the pier to watch the qm2 deepart. taint possibull to show ye how huge that thar boat is. heres whut we went out to see:


but this feller stole the show, witch heres a cuple pitchers of im rite after he landed (twuz verr hard to ketch im on a counta he dint sit still fer 10 secunts before he tuck off agin):




i manely wonted to post sumthin so fambly members checkin in wood know i aint suffern no migraines.

blessings abound!

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