Saturday, July 02, 2005

legendairy fish of buddy don: sum fotos

tiz awfull hard to git pitchers of fish on a counta how they wont sit still atall ceptn when thar gittin a look at ye. we had sum luck with one of our catfish name of fritz on a counta they generly hide till tiz dark. felis has been with us about five years. we gut a biggern older catfish name of felix, witch we dun had im nigh on to nine years, but he woodnt cum out:

then we gut them cuttlets, witch thar all the fry frum a fish we had name of cutty shark who dun died n left at least 13 fry behind, tho one has dun been killt. these three lilns cum out to watch me takin pitchers.

finely thars bidshika, the big fish of the tank, so he dominates everthang. he murderd esther, witch she lef behin three lil fry but i aint gut no good pitchers of them yet.

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