Friday, July 01, 2005

frustrayshun of buddy don: blogger caint git nuthin rite

ye mite notice the post below turnt out the be a mess. whenever i wuz a'makin it, i kep checkin the preview in the blogger compose window. thar it looked like a straight column of pitchers with notes bout em on the rite hand side. then whenever i putlished, it made the mess ye see. it dont recognize the brakes i put in thar with that [grater than symbol]br{less than symbol] that i putt in. ye caint size the winder to whar it wurks rite.

i gut a friend at wurk, witch his last day wuz yesterdy. hes a'gone to californy to wurk fer google. i tole im i used blogger n hoped he wood fix summa tham thangs thats rong. he tuck my url n promissed to watch, but even tho hes a grate programmer, i aint a'holdin my breath till they git innythang rite. i wood turn blue n die ifn i dun that!

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