Thursday, July 21, 2005

pinions of buddy don: ok then?

i understand how south knox bubba must feel. ever mornin i git up a'wundern whut topick to cuver in this here lil blog. it makes me scan the noosepapers n n read them pundits n check the blogosfear n thank bout why i bleev whut i do n why our cuntry dus whut it duz. sumtimes i dream bout whut the mornins subjeck will be.

tiz wurk. taint pure fun. no doubt about it. but it has made me more informed, made me thank bout thangs more, made me participate more in the grate nashunul dialog, even ifn my lil hillbilly voice dont hardly git into the ears of moren four or five reglar readers.

in my case, tis also a way of gittin a novel writ -- or at lease, part writ. i started out jes wontin to wurk on my hillbilly langwage skills. then, almos by acksident, without meanin to doot, my novel broke out. taint the furst i have writ, but tiz the furst i have writ in publick.

not only that, the blog form has had a shapin effeck on the novel. since everthang in a blog cums in reverse kronologickull order, ye half to make each chaptur a lil episode, ideally cumplete in itself. i aint never writ thataway. i generly try to end a chaptur with a hook that makes the reader wonta read the nex chaptur rite away. i woodnt never have cunsidderd doon it thisaway before.

so i bleeve it has made me a better riter (corse, whenever yer ritin reglar, yer makin yeself better at ritin).

so fer me, tiz wurth it. tiz also a good way to meet folks (howdy jed n red n eric n deb n mountain gurl n otherns i dont hardly know well a nuff to member to menchun).

so tiz almos lack hearin bout sumbidy dyin whenever ye read bout a favert blog a'goin dark. skbs site wuz one of my reglar reads. he innerduced me to lots of grate sorces of infermayshun. he hepped me git near ever lank i gut to this lil blog here.

his wuz a voice that riz above the din, well wurth hearin. he wuz the founder n leader of the lil rocky top brigade cummunty. he wuz inspirayshun fer a passel of other bloggers. sum of ems even a lil mad that he deeserted em.

i reckun im more sad than mad purely on selfish grounds since i caint read im no more n dont ritely know whuts to becum of the rtb.

but tiz his life n i respeck im fer his deecishun. that writ, tiz still my fervent hope he will cum back, mayhap in sum other form. but ifn tiz rest he needs, then so be it.

ok then?

sorry, but not fer me.

tain nowhar near ok.

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