Wednesday, May 11, 2005

mizry of buddy don: better but not well

them migraines has cum back, but thar differnt frum how they used to be. this past weekend, i had lots of them warnin simptums: feelin lack vertigo, that lite show of auras ye see at the edge of everthang, the feelin of bein irritatabull over nuthin.

so happend that miz bd wuz takin sum classes in thai yoga massage, witch the classes run fer five days n ended after the class they had on sundy. i dint wont her to know i mite be sick on a counta how she wood be lackly to stay home to keer fer me, so i put on the bes show yet. twuz good a nuff to git her off to skool bof days.

then mundy when i woke up, i could feel the wurst simptums a'cummin on, manely the feelin that i wuz a'gone half to vomit. this time thay wuznt inny pane atall in the hed, not even that tender spot on the surface of the lef side.

so i tride to cunvints myself that i wuz a'gone be ok, that i could go to wurk without no truble. this time, miz bd wuz not fooled. i lef fer wurk n she could tell by how i wuz walkin that thangs wuznt rite. as soon as i wuz in the brite sun i knew thangs wuz touchy. thays jes sumthin bout brite lite that i caint handle whenever im bout to git sick.

shore a nuff, i gut on the bus n lasted jes three stops till i had to git out n hunker down fer what, thank god, wernt nuthin but dry heaves. so i cum home n tuck that awful, life-stealin zomig (witch tiz a blessin how i dint half to live with the vomitin simptums, so zomigs bettern that).

innywho, yesterdy wuz wurse on a counta i woke up wontin to vomit. i made my erbs in hopes they could stop the thang, but that dint wurk. by the time they wuz reddy, i had dun tuck my zomig.

once that zomig has gut to wurkin, the wurst thang bout the attack by far is how deepressd i feel bout bein sick: i wurry bout losin my job, bout never bein able to wurk reglar agin, bout how i caint thank whut wurk ye could do that woodnt git ye fired fer bein sick as raglar as i been lately. ye kin magine how folks mite wonta end it all durin such a state, witch i thank god i aint gut no temptayshuns lack that thanks to that acksident i had a long while back.

i had a pointment with frank butler down to soho erbs n ackupunkchur skeduled alreddy, so i went. by then, the zomig had wore off a nuff sos i could go alone (after sleepin mos of the day). i felt lack pall gizin to frank fer gittin sick agin, witch i git that same feelin bout wurk, but he dint take it thataway.

he sed twuz good i wuz thar in the middle of a nuther attack. twuz nice to here im bein so postiv when i wuz feelin lack pall gizin to the worl fer bein sick. he tole me i could git well, that the path we been follerin is a'gone git us whar we wonta git, that he wuz a'gone make thangs better that afternoon with sum ackupunkchur.

so i went in n let em listen to my pulse n look at my tung. abby tole me she could see in a instunt how i wuz sick whenever i walked in on a counta i dint have no energy n pep n such. tiz obveeus to everbidy but me, i guess.

innywho, she gut the hole story bout this latest migraine, witch they dun changed. the biggest thang thats differnt is how the warnin period has slowed down n gut a lot longer. i had a migraine a few weeks ago whar my hed wuz tender fer three days befor i gut sick. fer thisn, i had two days of the weekend with warnin simptums befor the attack gut underway. so sumthin is changin.

once she had the story down, she tole me to git up on the bed n lay on my back. corse, i tuck my shoes n socks off. this time frank stuck needles in a new place, my stumach, witch he putt three thar, one in each hand, one on my right forearm, one in each foot n one in my rite calf.

once they git the needles in ye, they let ye lie still in the dark fer about tweny mints or so. durin that time, seems lack i drift halfway into a dream whar i see lots of odd thangs that i caint hardly member after tiz over.

but once they cum n pulld them needles out of me n let me know i should use the originull erb recipe till i see frank nex windsdy, i lef n as i wuz a'walkin tords the path stayshun, i real eyesd how i wuz feelin better agin. tiz lack they turnt off the sick switch.

now ifn i kin larn how to turn it off befor it gits turnt on!

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