Tuesday, May 24, 2005

ramblins of buddy don: tid bits

aint hardly gut no time fer bloggin today on a counta i finely slept till 4 am, witch thats my goal ever mornin only lately i aint been able to make it past 2:45 at the latest. this mornin i opend my eyes n checked the clock n wuz it ever a sprize to see twuz alreddy 4:15! i been needin the sleep, so i aint bellyachin bout it.

corse, i gut to cook my erbs everday, witch that takes a good two hours, so i jes now gut em dun n tiz past 6:30, the bbc is dun off, my shower is dun tuck, n i aint a'gone make the 6:33 bus to man hattan, witch mayhap i kin git the 6:48 or even the 7:00.

tiz my fervent hope that them erbs is heppin to make me well sos i wont miss no more wurk on a counta havin migraines, witch i dun missd a lil over 17 days this year! i been wurkin my lil tail off to make it up to em even tho my cumpny dont count sick days (i do!).

so mayhap tiz a hopeful sine how this statistick has changed: fer the past cuple years, i been weighin myself ever mornin jes after movin my bowels n jes befor takin my shower. durin all that time, my weight has varied twixt a hi of 164 n a low of 152. durin them vomitin episodes, i have lost as much as 8 pounds durin one day, witch quick as i kin drank water agin, i git mos of that weight back.

but since i had them sweats after frank butler putt me back on them ole fashion erbs, my weight has been no higher than 154.4 n no lower than 153.2. so in sted of varyin as much as 12 pounds frum hi to low, it has been varyin only a spread of 1.2 pounds.

taint lack i changed nuthin in the way i eat, witch i dont eat innythang that has eyelids whenever tiz alive (no beef, turkey, pork, lamb, goat, chicken, pheasant, goose, duck, frogs, dogs, cats, pigeons, mice, rats, etc.) but mosly vegtabulls n fish now n then. aint never been a big fan of deesert. n ceptn when im havin migraines, i take a drank of scotch or tennessee whisky ever day but never moren two shots wurth (lessn we go to a tastin, witch tiz hard to say how much ye git then, but i aint been drunk since 1999 when i let a feller frum spain cunvints me n miz bd that sangria wuz jes the thang to drank after a cuple bottles of wine twixt four folks).

so i lack to thank this change of metabolisum tiz a good thang.

speakin of good thangs, how bout this? did ye ever see innythang so purty that wuz made outta glass?

or this frum john prine?

or this frum the boss?

or had ye herd bout talisker cummin out with a 18 year ole eggspreshun? me n miz bd broke the seal on a bottle over the weekend n we kin testify to how tiz truly deeliteful, mayhap even bettern the 10 year ole.

n miz bd had sum real good news fer me whenever i gut home last nite, witch i promissd not to tell nobidy bout it fer a few days. no, she aint eggspecktin! watch this here space fer more news.

oh n dont let me fergit to say thanks to john norris brown fer puttin together a fine volunteer tailgate party! he volunteerd to doot! aint that jes lack tiz spozed to be?

so have a grate day!

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