Thursday, May 19, 2005

quick note of buddy don: trine to git the nex chaptur writ

i spent mos of this mornin trine to rite the nex chaptur of life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly. i also gut to give my son a call so he kin ast me whut to do bout a lil wurk problem hes been a'havin with one of the folks he manages. that dont hardly give me no time to blog.

i did wonta take this moment to thank my reglar readers fer stickin with me: tennessee jed, red molly, deb, bitterman, omni. sumtimes bloggin is lack droppin a rose petal into the grand canyon, witch thats whut they say in publishin when sumbidy cums out with a book of poetry. as ye mite magine, that aint much echo frum doon the rose petal.

but in my case, i gut to count them blessins on a counta them folks i jes menchuned. all but one of em have blogs of thar own, witch ye mite wonta drop by sum time:
  • red mollys blog is blue page speshul.
  • bittermans site is knowd as the smoking toaster, witch tiz ackshly 'the office for world domination presents the smoking ... the internet's only weasel powered weblog.'
  • omni's site is verr intriguin, witch she calls it omniverse or every topic in the universe -- i wish it had a way to make comments!
  • finely, deb has sugarfused, witch i been a'readin thatn fer a cuple years now. she used to rite haiku n i never knew nobidy that could rite em inny better.
i kindly wish i could git tennessee jed to start a blog of his own! hes gut plenty to say, a good way of sayin it, n his own point of view. mayhap sumday he will. ifn he duz, i will be ritin bout it.

so since i aint gut time to blog much, try them blogs i jes menchuned. ye wont be sorry!

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