Sunday, May 08, 2005

pitchers tuck by buddy don: sundy people bloggin

up here in the new york area, thay aint so minny oppurtunties to git picthers of burds n natchur n such. sides that, i caint claim to have nuthin lack the talent of this fotograffer or thisn or thisn (ye mite wonta say wow, wow, wow or wow bout sum of theme pitchers).

i aint cumplainin on a counta ifn i had the talent time n equipment, i wood wonta take pitchers lack henry bresson dun, witch he mosly tuck picthers of folks. i lack a pitcher to be lack a cuntry song n tell sum kinda lil story, witch takin pitchers of folks in the city is purrfeck fer that.

i lack pithers with lots a'goin on but one thang in particklar, lack that thar feller in the yankee jersey a'hittin his stride:

this heres a pitcher of modurn life a'walkin down the street:

corse, ye kin find art mos innywhar, even by acksident:

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