Monday, May 30, 2005

pitchers tuck by buddy don: memoryall day

me n miz bd wuz dee lighted whenever we went out n caught the sunrise:

folks wuz alreddy out a'doon thangs, lack usin park benches:

or walkin thar dogs:

thay wuz sum local trash that needed pickin up, witch heres ye a pitcher i had to bowdler eyesed fer ye:

one feller wuz a'meditatin with his back turnt agin the sun:

nuther feller wuz fishin:

we wuz a'goin down to see whut folks had dun to celebrate memoryall day round here, witch furst we found this post with pitchers under glass:

famus sayin round these parts is heaven, hell or hoboken. heres why:

our boys had plenty to fite fer:

this here feller spotted us a'takin them pitchers n wuz he ever happy bout it. turns out he wuz out spiffin the place with them pitchers n flags n such. hes a local celeb practically names of mikey rails on a counta whenever he cum back frum the korean war, he started a bizness a makin rails fer folks, lack the one he made round that rock them french give us, witch its down a spell on the page. but furst, heres mikey rails, witch he give bof me n miz bd a flag to carry:

heres that french rock the way mikey rails had it decorated, witch that iron rail ye see thar is the kinda rail he used to sell:

heres whut them french writ (in english) on a lil plak they putt on that thar rock:

he give miz bd a cuple flags lack i dun alreddy sed n he also give her this here pitcher of a memoryall hes a trine to git putt up fer the 155 vets frum this town that died in wwii, witch miz bd helt it up whar i could git a pitcher of that thar pitcher:

after all that eggcitement, we wuz reddy fer sum brakefuss so we went over to chock full o-nuts n gut a date nut bread classick with cream cheese n a cuppa coffee fer me n a large green ice tea fer miz bd. then we tuck them flags n stuck em into our park bench n sat back to watch the world goin by:

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