Wednesday, May 04, 2005

pinions of buddy don: ifn taint legal ...

thays a articull on the frunt page of todays washington post name of Marijuana Becomes Focus of Drug War -- Less Emphasis on Heroin and Cocaine bout how we been spendin $35 billions per year on the war agin sum drugs n of that we been spendin $4 billions per year jes on marijuana. even the cunservativs has figgerd out that taint a'wurkin:
But increasingly, some experts have begun to argue that the U.S. drug war, which costs an estimated $35 billion a year, has had a minimal impact on consumption of illicit substances. The conservative American Enterprise Institute published a report in March titled "Are We Losing the War on Drugs?" Its authors argue that, among other things, "criminal punishment of marijuana use does not appear to be justified."
thays sum facks bout keepin a drug lack marijuana illegal that folks orta cunsidder, witch everbidy knows that havin a war agin it dont keep folks frum a'gittin it n mane thang that war on sum drugs duz is make gittin arrested the worst thang marijuana kin do to ye. but ifn ye insist on keepin it illegal, then ...
  1. only criminulls gits the cumpletely untaxed profits frum marijuana (n other drugs)

  2. only criminulls gits to deecide bout the strangth, purity n safety of the marijuana n other drugs thar a'sellin

  3. only criminulls gits to deecide bout who thar a'gonna market thar marijuana n other drugs to -- teens? grade skoolers? kindergartners? tiz up to the criminull to deecide

  4. only criminulls git to deecide whar thar a'gone sell thar marijuana n other drugs, whuther near churches or skools -- or even in churches or skools

  5. only criminulls gits to deecide how thar a'gone set up n perteck thar territories fer sellin purposes

  6. only criminulls gits to deecide whuther thar a a'gone use gang violents to enforce thar sellin territories, witch they use guns n tortchur n whutever it takes

  7. only criminulls gits to deecide whuther thar a'gone do bizness with terrists

  8. only criminulls gits to deecide whuther thar a'gone use terrorism to keep thar bizness a'goin (lack they been a'doon in colombia fer decades)

  9. drug users start lookin on law enforcement n po-leece with suspishun n even as ifn they wuz the enemy
corse, thay is a nuther way. furst thang we half to add mitt is how prohibishun dont wurk, not fer alkyhol, not fer marijuana, not even fer poisons lack heroin n cocaine. taint good pallticks, but tiz good sense, on a counta ifn drugs wuz legal, then ...
  1. state n fedrull gummints wood git to levy taxes on the sale of drugs, witch since drugs sellin is one of the top industries in the worl -- number one or two or three with food n arms mixed in as tutherns, twood be a cunsiderbull bit of tax revenue

  2. state n fedrull gummints wood git to regulate the strangth, purity n quality of the drugs bein sold

  3. fedrull n state gummints wood git to deecide how old ye half to be to buy marijuana n other drugs

  4. fedrull n state gummints wood git to deecide whar drugs wood be sold

  5. gang or violent cuntrol of territories wood be replaced by competishun fer creatin the bes produck.

  6. folks that deecided they wonted to use drugs woodnt be skeerd of law enforcement

  7. fedrull n state gummints woodnt half to spend all that money on the war agin sum drugs, witch we been a'losin that war frum the verr beginnin
i aint sayin that folks wont use drugs n aint even sayin that mayhap sum folks wood use legal drugs that woodnt use em ifn thay wuz illegal. but at sum point, ye half to balants the cost of more folks usin drugs agin the cost of trine to git nobidy to use em, witch that aint wurkin. we did the eggspearment with alkyhol prohibishun, witch we all know how thatn dint wurk. when twuz legalized agin, sum folks gut to drankin that dint drank befor. but lease they wuz drankin a produck that wuz regulated n not poison. lease when they bought em a bottle they wuz heppin the gummint to pay its bills. lease they wuznt criminulls.

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