Thursday, May 05, 2005

treetment of buddy don: west v east n the twain never a'meetin

i been havin vomitin sesshuns thats been labeled 'migraines' fer years now. the furstn cum on the day them vols won the nashunull champeenship fer 1998, witch i bleeve that wuz on the 4th of jan of 1999. fer sum reason that mornin, i woke up a'needin to move my bowels n soon as i gut to the bathroom, i gut to vomitin. frum 5 am till that game wuz near over, i jes couldnt stop.

me n miz bd wuz a'livin in a tee-ninee lil apartment over in man hattan that dint have but one lil room in it. so the tv wuznt but a cuple yards frum whar i wuz a'lyin in wait fer the nex wave to make me vomit, but seem lack i member that game lack twuz on a bar tv in a nuther room, way off in the distunts.

corse i went to the docter to splain whut had happend. he give me sum medicin to stop me frum barfin, but it dint wurk on a counta how i wood barf it rite back up. so he give me the humiliayshun of suppostories, witch they woodnt stay in neether. we wuz livin close to the docters offus at the time, so we wood go over whilst i wuz a vomitin to see whut could he do to stop it. nuthin wurked.

then i wuz visitin fer a annual fisicull n we gut to talkin bout them vomitin sesshuns n i sed sumthin lack i wood wake up with a bit of a hedache n then wurser nausea till i dint keer bout the hedache. he sed mayhap i wuz havin migraines. so nex time i woke up lack that, he tole me i should take sumthin lack migraine strangth excedrin. he also give me sum vicodin jes in case that dint stop it.

so i gut to whar i wood take that migraine strangth excedrin purty often. it dint always wurk, but seemd lack twuz bettern thangs wuz befor. then it gut to whar i couldnt risk havin one, so i wood take a cuple them excedrins furst thang ever mornin.

fer a while i dint have no trubles, but whenever they cum back, twuz wursern ever. that gut me to the new york headache center whar i gut treetment frum a feller name of dr alexander mauskop. as far as limitin the suffrin, he hepped me a lot. furst, he give me sum stuff name of zomig, witch furst time i used it i figgerd the problem wuz solved. in sted of vomitin all day, after i squirted that zomig stuff up my sniffer, i woodnt feel lack i had to vomit n in no time, i wood fall asleep.

he also had me quit takin the excedrin n gut me to takin migralief (mixtchur of magnesium, vitamin b6 n feverfew) n co q-10 ever day. i had a few migraines n used the zomig n twuz fine. then i gut on a nice six munth streak of no trubles, jes the migralief n co q-10.

frum march 28 till september 18 of las year, i dint have no symptums atall. then i ate a can of soup that wuz loded with msg n that gut me started all over agin. seem lack once them migraines gut a'goin agin, twuz wursern ever. corse, the zomig wurked mos ever time, meanin i could spend the day in its obvlion, eether sleepin or bein so dead headed i couldnt keep up with questchuns lack whut did i wont fer dinner. i gut to missin lots of wurk n that gut me deepressd bout the futchur n whuther i wood be able to keep my job. twuz almost as hard to take as the vomitin.

finely i calld my reglar docter n tole im sumthin had to be dun. i wuz havin migraines mos everday by then n even that day i had one a'goin, so he deecided i should try ackupunkchur. thats how i started a'gittin treeted by a practishuner of tradishunull chinese medicin. so far, that has wurked bes of innythang i dun tride.

it also led me to a cuple of conclushuns bout the differnts twixt easturn n westurn ways of docterin:
  • west: when yer eggzamined, thonly thang they wonta here bout is yer symptums when yer sick.
  • east: when yer eggzamined, they dont ast inny questchuns atall bout yer symptums when yer sick on a counta all they wonta know is near bout everthang else -- whut ye eat, how ye sleep, how often ye move yer bowels n how that cums out, how often ye pee n whut color tiz, how often ye wont to have sex, whut ye eat, whuther ye excercise, yew name it.

  • west: they give ye medicin that kin stop the symptums in thar tracks (mos times), but they dont claim to be able to stop em fer sartin.
  • east: caint do much to stop the attack or them symtums once yer havin a migraine, witch they tell ye that furst thang, but they figger they kin focus thar attenchun on gittin em not to happen atall, witch so far them erbs they give me have been a'wurkin grate ceptn when i tride to git off em.

  • west: they gut lots of new treetments to try, witch thar mosly eggsperimentull n sum of em mite wurk n sum mite not, witch one they wonta try on me is to injeck botox into my hed to stop the symptum of the tender patch on the hed that seems to preceed ever attack.
  • east: aint gut no new methods to try out on ye, no eggspearments, witch in sted thar a'usin verr old medicin n methods such as the furst erb recipe i tuck that wuz 2,500 years ole!

  • west: migraines is cunsidderd a cundishun that sum folks gut n sum dont, witch thay aint no cure fer a cundishun so ye gut to treat the symptums fer the res of yer natcherull born days.
  • east: the wurd 'migraine' is used by westurn medicin to indicate a range of symptums that dont nobidy unnerstand whut cawses em, but taint no nevermind fer them on a counta they dont bleeve tiz a condishun that ye treat fer the res of yer life, but sum kinda imbalants in yer system that ye kin treat n cure.

  • west: goal is to cuntrol them symtums.
  • east: goal is to cure the sickness.
one mane thang ye mite notice bout this is how them folks in the east aint gut no sense bout makin no profit. ifn ye gut a cundishun whar ye gut to take medicin to treat symptums fer the res of yer life, then yer a'gone be a money-makin machine fer drug cumpnies n docters. thanks of the profits ye could make!

but they dont even cunsidder that in the east. i tole that tcm pracktishuner name of frank butler how i woodnt mind takin them erbs ever mornin fer the res of my life. he laffd n sed twood be a big waste of money. the idee is that yer a'gone git well n never need to take them erbs agin. whars thar profit in that? could it be they aint motivated by makin more money? could it be thar motivated by curin folks?

could it be that thays other human motivatshuns that aint all bout makin more money n gittin richer?

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