Thursday, May 26, 2005

pinions of buddy don: respeck fer human life

heres a pitcher of our presdent supportin life. heres whut he had to say whenever he wuz settin up the foto opportunty:
I believe America must pursue the tremendous possibilities of science, and I believe we can do so while still fostering and encouraging respect for human life in all its stages. (Applause.) In the complex debate over embryonic stem cell research, we must remember that real human lives are involved --both the lives of those with diseases that might find cures from this research, and the lives of the embryos that will be destroyed in the process. The children here today are reminders that every human life is a precious gift of matchless value. (Applause.)
heres sum pitchers ye probly aint seen n mayhap ye dont wonta see em. i warn ye in add vants bout how thar sum verr ugly sites ifn ye foller them lanks. so ye mite wonta perteck yerself by gittin ye sum argon down in the pit cnn or fox news or msnbc or inny of them netwurk news cumpnys or even the new york times or the washington post or inny other majur amurkin newspaper.

but ifn ye caint resist n refuse to be warned, then heres sum lanks bout how "we must remember that real human lives are involved."

iraqi dead in baghdad frum us helicopter attack.

verr ugly pitchers of folks that gut dead in iraq (warnin: includes amurkins!) frum all kinda causes that result frum our war to prevent em frum usin wmd.

good bad n ugly pitchers of events in iraq, as seen by the Volunteer Medics Worldwide.

heres one of them left wing moonbat sites, witch ye caint eggspeck em to hold back, so be perpared ifn ye click here! thisns so ugly on a counta how they show lil children that gut in the way. i dont know whuther they wuz enemy combatants.

heres a articull (no pitchers on a counta how tiz frum reuters) bout sumthin that happend jes today: U.S. military says child killed in Iraq gun fight.

as mr bush dun sed, "The children here today are reminders that every human life is a precious gift of matchless value." he wuz talkin bout the 81 successful implants that cum to his foto opportunty.

he dont wont no stem cells to be killt in resurch meant to save folks, but tiz ok ifn they have near half million unclaimed stem cells, witch thar froze or deestroyed. mr delay has chimed in too!

corse, taint everbidy that agrees. mr arlen specter has his own way of lookin at it n his own tragick look.

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