Tuesday, May 17, 2005

treat meant of buddy don: gittin cured?

frank butler is the practishner of tradishunull chinese medicine thats been a'treatin me. he tole me one time that to git rid of them migraines thats been ailin me fer the past six years i wood sweat em outta me.

when he knew i wuz bout to git sick one time, he perscribed sum erbs to make my tempachur go up. he tole me i should drank it hot n eat sumthin lack oatmeal thats still hot n then git under the covers with lots of cloze on, includin a hat n socks. then i wuz spozed to lie under a heap of covers thar till i broke a sweat. he give me five treat meants n i dun whut he sed n broke a sweat maybe three times. but i still gut sick.

after the last time i gut sick (last weekend n mundy n tuesdy), he give me the first erbs i had tuck sos i could git back on track. i tuck em windsdy n went to wurk jes fine. tuck em thursdy n wuz a'goin good till late in the day. then i gut to feelin awful, lack i wuz bout to git sick agin. twuz verr deepressin. as i wuz leavin out fer the day, i run into my irish frien. he sed, 'aw, bud, i hate to see you like that.' i tole im i felt wurser than i looked.

went on home whar i found miz bd had dun cooked a fine dinner of curried vegtubulls n basmati rice that looked so good it coulda cum frum a restrunt. i tuck four or five bites n felt lack i woodnt be able to keep the food down, so i pall gized to miz bd n sed i wuz feelin bad. i lay down fer a mint n she cum to check on me n sed i wuz burnin up. she tuck my tempachur n found twuz near 101.

this same thang had happend the furst time frank give me them erbs, but i figgerd twuz my bad luck to git the flu n we treated it fer that, gittin my fever down n such. whut we dint do wuz try to sweat it out.

but this time, i put on sum more cloze n a hat n gut under the covers. miz bd gut a heatin pad n purty soon, i wuz coverd frum hed to foot n jes a'burnin up. i lay thar fer a cuple hours. whilst i wuz a'doon it, i could smell them erbs. then i broke a big sweat. i cleaned up a bit n went back to bed.

nex day, i dint have no fever n felt fine. since then, thangs has gut much better. i caint hardly wait to see frank to splain to im whut happend, witch i have a pointment fer tomorrow after wurk. i bet he is a'gone be happy bout it. mayhap im gittin cured after all.

thankee one n all fer puttin up with all this bellyachin bout my personull ailments. i hope to git back to tellin tales frum my life n pinions or jes postin sum pinions direckly.

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