Monday, May 16, 2005

fambly events of buddy don: late but grate mothers day celebrayshun

yesterdy we finely gut round to celebratin mothers day fer miz bd. twuz a magickull event ifn ever thay wuz one. miz bd has been a'studyin thai yoga massage at the new york open center whar her teacher is a feller name of jonas westring, so she had dun offerd everbidy a treat meant.

corse, much as they mite coulda lacked that, she wuz the mane attrackshun. her two kids -- jack n loretta -- n her son-out-laws (as she calls em) vaclav n paddy joined us. miz bd wishes bof em wuz her son-in-laws, but taint her deecishun.

everbidy showed up with lots of cheer n sum presents fer miz bd -- two tickets to see john prine in june, sum choclat coverd cherries, funny cards, n lottery scratch off ticket, witch miz bd sez she dint win on em, but she won the bigger lottery whenever she gut such a fine pair kids n such grate son-out-laws. as luck had it, i gut a call frum my son tony durin the visit, so twuz almos lack we wuz all together even tho tony lives in tennessee.

me n miz bd bought a pre-cooked ham on a counta how all them kids luvs to eat meat n even tho we dont, we lack to sprize em now n agin, longs they take the leftovers home with em. i cooked a feast to go with it: two pies -- a apple pie that i acksidently knocked onto the floor while twuz a'coolin n a peach pie that we ackshly gut to eat -- sum 'school cafeteria macaroni n cheese' (a fambly favert that miz bd taught me how to cook), sum veggie beans with veggie hot dogs in em that wuz so good nobidy could tell they wuznt made outta ackshull meat, sum fresh rye bread n sum sun tea.

we also had bought sum czech beer name of 'czechvar', witch tiz ackshly 'budvar' but thay aint allowd to call it that. twuz a grate beer minny years (cenchuries?) befor thay wuzn inny annhizer bush to ferbid them czechs frum sellin thar beer under the name of 'budweiser.' ifn ye wuz to drank sum czechvar, ye mite could see why folks in the czech republick is insulted by not bein able to use thar name on thar beer n speshly by how terrbull budweiser is cumpard to budvar (sold as 'czechvar').

everbidy ate harty lack n then miz bd gut to givin everbidy septin jack, witch hes too ticklish fer massage. paddys bout twice the size of miz bd, so twuz funny to see her movin him round, witch he lacked it so much he tole her she could practiss on him whenever she wonted to. he made shore she had his cell phone number.

after them massages, we shared sum connemara cask strength whiskey, witch tiz thonly peated irish whiskey n paddy his ownself hadnt never had nun befor. then we walked jack n vaclav to thar car n loretta n paddy to the ferry. by then twuz a beeyootifull nite, so we walked a bit n then cum in.

she wuz verr happy. twuz a bit o'magick fer everbidy.

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