Tuesday, May 03, 2005

coincindents of buddy don: big worl reflckted in lil pitchers

thom shanker has im a articull in todays new york times name of Pentagon Says Iraq Effort Limits Ability to Fight Other Conflicts, witch the furst graf gives ya good idee:
WASHINGTON, May 2 - The concentration of American troops and weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan limits the Pentagon's ability to deal with other potential armed conflicts, the military's highest ranking officer reported to Congress on Monday.
so who ye gonna call? i found a outfit that mite be able to hep, so i tuck a pitcher of it:

did ye read how the congress (strick party line vote in house of 214-211, 52-47 in senate) is a'doon thar part tords cuttin the deficit in half by trimmin a lil $10 billyun frum medikeer n addin $106 in tax cuts:
WASHINGTON -- A $2.6 trillion budget outline barely approved by Congress will cut projected spending on Medicaid for the poor, lock in tax cuts and -- Republicans claim -- put the country on a path toward lower federal deficits.

Democrats unanimously opposed the spending outline passed late Thursday. They said the budget reflects the president's misplaced priorities by freezing or trimming health, education and agriculture programs while cutting taxes by as much as $106 billion over five years.
hmm. cut medikeer fer the poor by $10 bn, grow the tax cuts by $106bn. claim ye kin cut the budget in half thataway. ifn i had math that fuzzy, my face wood be red:

i reckun them pall tishuns must thank this here whut yer tipicull amurkin looks lack:

mayhap yer one of them folks that wurries how cuts to the nashunull endowment of the arts will make it harder fer ye to see free art. never fear:

mayhap ye dun herd how everbidy wonts to git to heaven but nobidy wonts to die (or let others die in peace). mayhap ye dont wonta die yer ownself, but that probly dont keep ye frum wontin to go to heaven.

in that case, i gut jes the place fer ye:

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