Sunday, May 22, 2005

hopes of buddy don: rainbows over man hattan

i been down bout the state of the worl lately. it sickens me to read bout the torchur dun in our name in afghanistan n iraq n gitmo n all, but yesterdy me n miz bd got caught in a hard rain shower to whar we wuz soaked to the skin, witch lucky fer me n miz bd we gut waterproof skin fer our furst birthdy.

then whenever we looked over at man hattan, we seen how thay wuz a rainbow thar, witch after the flood twuz gods sine to the worl that he wuz still in cuntrol n keerin fer us. i lack to thank twuz the same thang agin.

tho ye caint do justust with a pitcher to sumthin as big as a rainbow frum midtown down to whar them towers used to be, miz bd tride to ketch that thar rainbow, startin with one oer midtown:

then thays tuther half over downtown:

finely, she tride to git a close up of it:

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