Wednesday, April 26, 2006

pinions of buddy don: fixin thangs

i reckun ye seen whar mr bush cum out with a plan to fix the price at the pump, witch tiz manely a nuther eggscuse to do whut he wished he coulda dun all along. heres whut he thanks will fix thangs:
  1. suspend the buyin of petroleum fer the strategick petroleum reserve, witch this is one of them thangs only publicans is allowd to do on a counta whenever one of them dimcrats wonts to doot, tiz wrong:
    At a campaign appearance in Cleveland, Mr. Bush derided the initiative and suggested that Mr. Gore was ignoring advice from top officials of his own administration.

    "The strategic reserve is an insurance policy meant for sudden disruption of oil supplies or for war," Mr. Bush said, adding that it "should not be used as an attempt to drive down oil prices right before an election."
  2. blame mr clinton:
    Mr. Bush said the decision by the Clinton administration not to permit oil production in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was costing the United States more than one million barrels a day of lost production
    of corse, this ignores a cuple lil facks, witch tiz this:
    Gallons by which daily U.S. oil consumption would drop if SUVs' average fuel efficiency increased by 3 mpg: 49,000,000 [Sierra Club (Washington)]

    Gallons per day that the proposed drilling of Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is projected to yield: 42,000,000
    n that dont even take into cunsiderayshun how minny years twood take ere we git inny oil frum drillin in anwr.

  3. best of all is one he has been wontin to git dun fer the longest, witch thats to make shore ye dont half to wurry bout trashin the environment long as yer heppin git the price down at the pump:
    The president also said he will temporarily ease environmental regulations that require the use of cleaner-burning fuel additives to cut down on summertime pollution.
  4. finely, he is a'gone to keep on a'doin whut he has been a'doin so well, witch in case ye dint notice is, thats investigatin all that price gougin:
    The other news, which the White House first announced last night, was that Bush has ordered the Justice and Energy departments to investigate possible price-gouging.

    But Bush has been touting administration anti-gouging enforcement for more than a year now, and there is no indication this new announcement is anything but a feint on his part.
i reckun thar mite coulda been more, but twuz jes more of the same.

lets face it, we live in a worl whar them in power bleeves tiz rite fer one sangle man to git paid a averidge of over $144,000 per day while otherns has to make do on $5.50 per hour (hours at minimum wage to urn $144,000 = 26,181.18; weeks of wurk at minimum wage to git up to $144,000 = 654; years of wurk at 52 weeks a year at minimum wage to urn $144,00 = 54.54).

tiz time fer a maximum wage!

[update: i bleeve thays sumthin rong with my math. twoodnt take nearly so long to urn $144,000 at minimum wage fer year of 40-hour wurk weeks = 13.09. taint the furst time i wuz rong, but the point remains: how kin one persuns efforts in a day be wurth a nutherns efforts in 13.09 years?]

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Anne Johnson said...

Dubya doin oil wurk is laak lettin the jailbirds guard the prison.