Wednesday, April 19, 2006

projecks of buddy don: cleanin up the filth

fergive the reprints, but i gut to thankin bout whut to do bout all them filthy lanks sumbidy putt in comments to sum ole posts. i aint shore how widespred the problem is, but i figgerd i wood go thru the referntses to this site n see whar them lanks wuz hidin. whenever i find one, i am a'gone delete it but print a cleaned up vershun here. this way, i wont half to take down this here site or replace it.

btw, yesterdy i writ a query letter to a agent fer the furst volume of life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly. i writ mine n then showed it to miz bd, who shes a better ritern i am n razed her two kids offn money she urned by whut she writ. once we git a anser one way or tuther, i will show ye the two vershuns sos ye kin see how amazin she is.

corse, shes amazin fer minny a reason other than ritin too!

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