Friday, April 07, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: still fishin

furst thangs furst agin: i am coutin the blessin of a nuther good day yesterdy n a good nite last nite n a good day so far. tiz a good moment n i am hopin fer a nuthern.

sumbidy wuz nice a nuff to menchun lackin them fish pitchers n i half to add mitt, i caint trust myself to comment on news lack this leak thang whar libby splaind bush wuz the one that blessd whut he dun or the new book by judas whar judas splaind jesus wuz the one that blessd whut he dun ... im skeerd to rite bout eethur of them stories on a counta twood be easy to confuse em.

so tiz safer ifn i jes showd ye my catch, witch i jes went fishin thru sum of them pitchers i have tuck of the mbuna or african cichlids we gut in a 155 gallon tank, witch thats six feet wide by 27" tall n 18" deep.

ifn ye click on any pitcher, ye kin see it full size.

innywho, i wuz reflecktin on how ever fish has his or her own lil persunalty. taint no two of em thats gut the same n thar much smartern ye mite wood give em credit fer bein ifn ye aint never watched em much. heres a few care ackters frum the current tank (they changes on a counta sum die n sum are born n sumtimes we git sum new blood).

mbuna -- african cichlids: thisn is speedy gonzalez on a counta frum the instunt he cum into the thank, he wuz the fastest fish ever, speshly whenever tiz time to eat. we thank he mite sumday take over frum bidshicka ... or die trine.

mbuna -- african cichlids: thisn is yaller, witch ye kin see how he gut his name. hes a good member of the tank, dont fite much but luvs to dance fer the females, witch so far they aint near as innerested in him (the males dance fer the females by shakin thar caudal n anal fins). thats bidshicka in the background:

mbuna -- african cichlids: thisn is one that dont have a name yet, witch i call im a blue zebra. the reason he dont have a name is how he dont hardly uphold fer hisself n we have notissd that submissive fish, speshly males, is lackly to git kilt:

mbuna -- african cichlids: this white fish is mush, witch hes the hardest to git a good pitcher of on a counta bein so brite white. in fack, hes more a peach color, but i aint been able to catch that with a camera yet. hes a verr sly feller, holdin his ground but avoidin the fite:

mbuna -- african cichlids: this feller is elvis, witch hes one of them fish that ye know the instunt ye kin reckon-eyes im ye know hes a'gone be a star n thats why we give im a name. hes a nuthern thats hard to git in a pitcher on a counta he moves near as fast as speedy:

mbuna -- african cichlids: corse, thisns bidshicka makin a hard left.

corse, them fish is always a'movin, so heres one that gives ye four posishuns in a row fer yaller.

mbuna -- african cichlids: yaller swimmin.


red molly said...

That last photo would make a nice screen saver. It would be like having your own fish aquarium in your home or office. Great fish shots.

I hope you keep on fishin' and feelin' better and we get to "hook up" with you and ms. bd next Friday.

Tennessee Jed said...

Good connection on the Judis-Libby observation.

I still find myself looking at the tiny cinder blocks in the fish world as if some tiny construction workers from micro-Atlantis just couldn't get the project finished before the flood.

Feel better soon, dag-nab-it!