Monday, April 10, 2006

garbage of buddy don: traffick fer filth on this here site

twuz quite a sprize tuther day whenever i notissd traffick to this site had increased by 400%. did sumbidy with real traffick lank to me? so i gut to lookin at sum of the search terms brangin folks to wandering hillbilly. heres whut i found

[update: list of lanks deleted to keep folks frum reachin this site by searchin fer em]

i half to add mitt, the search bout the nose pickers wuz probly nuthin all that odd, but the rest? whut could make em cum to wandering hillbilly fer such stuff?

turns out sumbidy had spammed sum ole comments with a long list of lanks to porn sites of ever stripe (mayhap thays sum kinda erotick conneckshun with nose pickers?). turns out i caint remoov em lessn i remoov the hole entry n fer that i gut to find em all, back em up n remoov em?

ifn ye know a easier way to fix this, please click on link below sos ye kin make a comment. ye will note that i have changed comments to the moderated kind n putt in that wurd verificayshun.

my pall gies to all who were offended by this. twernt intentshunll. thankee to red molly fer lettin me know how it had cum to her attenchun. (note to red molly: me n miz bd is lookin ford to fridy nites dinner at st andrews!)

meanwhile, ye kin find trash mos innywhar n dont half to search my site to git toot. ye kin read the editoryull page of the washington post, fer instunts, witch i am lankin to a debunkin of the originull pack of lies, not to the post on a counta they dont desever even a lil lank frum a wandering hillbilly. lies bout nashunull securty is also porn n in sum ways, even more dangerus than tuther kind (ceptn innythang with kids, animulls or multilayshun, witch thays offn the scale of evil n dangerus).


Tennessee Jed said...

You got some freaky traffic there!

I have never checked mine, perhaps that is how I get my traffic.

red molly said...

It's a big old goofy porno world. See and ms bd on Friday.

red molly said...

It's a big old goofy porno world.

See you and ms bd on Friday.

This may show up 2 times.

Karen McL said...

Len (and I) had some of that over a Dark Bilious Vapors - When he was still bloggin - and Bryan (Why Now?) is experiencing this too. But he recommends Haloscan commenting instead.

But being a techno-dweeb I am still not ready to *graduate* beyong my skills at Blogger and so i can't provide much more help.

Tho' I noticed if ya use a word like *SEX* even in jest as a post title - it must show up in google searches and about a ton of CRaZzee's show up to *look see* - Hahahhahaha.

Anne Johnson said...

I left a purty prayer on ma blog on Imbolc, most sacred day in calendar for druids laak me. So I gits a comment, and it's from online gambling. I preciate Red Molly's advice not to use "sex" in blog comment. I used someone's name in a blog comment a year ago and jes heard from him, he was hurt by what I sed bout him. An rightly so.